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Book Review: Cold Kiss By Amy Garvey

Stars: Three

"How far would you go to save the person you loved most in the world? And what if he were already...dead?"

Wren's boyfriend Danny died in a car accident before she had a chance to say goodbye. In a moment of grief, she brings him back from the dead with a powerful spell. But she soon realizes that the boy brought back is no longer quite the boy she loved.

I was surprised that the author focused a lot on love, loss, grief, and responsibility. The author shows us a lot of what Wren's and Danny's relationship should be and what it is now. You feel sympathy for Wren and the situation that she got herself into. Wren is a great character, she has complexity, conflict, and confusion. Wren is close to her sister, Robin and wants Robin to have the best. Wren has a rocky relationship with her mom; she tries to understand her mom and the power that she inherited.
At first the novel hand me wanting more. I wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next but the book started to become slower in the middle. Wren starts to neglect Danny and there wasn't a whole lot of paranormal parts in the book. Everything was implied but not described. Gabriel confused me a little. I understand that the author wanted to show how to move on but was the point to show that Gabriel had an insight power to sense others who had powers. The author really didn't do a whole lot with that knowledge basically making it pointless.

I liked that the author showed Wren's guilt and grief that was overwhelming her and how it affected the situation that she got herself into. It was quite refreshing that Wren expected the responsibility for her choices and found a way to remedy it. I liked the book but it is not my favorite. Would I recommend it? Probably to the right person, this is definitely not a book I would pick up for a light, fun summer read.

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