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Review Policy: 

I am not a professional reviewer, but I am willing to accept books from publishers and authors. 

I will try to review all books that I receive  however since I am a student and work a full time job, I may not be able to review every book. I will make sure to promote your book. If you have a time frame on when you need a review up please let me know, so that I may accommodate your request.

I do not want to spoil the book for other readers, so I will give a review without spoilers and I will provide a synopsis.

I read almost any kind of book, however I prefer Young Adult or New Adult (Mature Young Adult) books. I am open minded to other genres. I am not too picky, however I do not like to read steamy romance novels. 

When it comes to formats of books, I will accept ARCs, paperbacks, hardcovers, and ebooks. 

I would love to work with new and existing authors. I am open to review for anyone who is willing to let me read and review there books. I love book suggestions. 

My reviews will include:

Title and Author
Synopsis from goodreads or publisher/author's website
Cover Art
My review
and any other information that you request that I include

Giveaway Policy: 

Most giveaways will be open to participants of 13 years of age and older (unless stated otherwise)

Please be aware of who the giveaways are open to because they are not all open internationally.

Giveaway winners will be announced on my blog, twitter, and I will send out an email.

Winners will need to respond to the email within 48 hours or I will choose a new winner.

I am not responsible for any prizes that are lost in the mail.

I have the right to reject any entries if it is necessary. I will check entries.

Giveaway and Contest Holdings:

I am completely open to holding giveaway for promoting your book(s). I would be honored to be included.

If you want me to read and review or promote your book, please send me an email at and if you could give me a brief synopsis of your book, that would be amazing.

If I agree to read and review, and promote your book, I will need a copy of the book. ARC, books that are already published or an e-copy. I do prefer physical copies however I can work with either.


All books reviewed on this blog are books that we have bought, borrowed, won from contests, or are given for review. Books given for review by author/publisher/third party are in exchange for an honest review. We do not receive monetary compensation for reviews. All reviews/thoughts are our own.

All comments are moderated on this blog. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Thank you.

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