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Book Review: The Demon Child by Anila Hoxha

After her mysterious disappearance, everyone thought that the six years old, Anne Marie Bordoleau, was one of the victims of the “animal” attacks that were terrorizing New Orleans. Only her big sister, Rose, thought otherwise, because of the terrible visions she had at night where Anne called her for help. Looking for Anne does not prove to be easy. There are secrets revealed, ancient prophecies, and legends.

It’s a dark world, where even angels can fall.

How can Rose save her sister from the evil, if her sister is the evil itself?

The Demon Child
By: Anila Hoxha
Series: The Cursed Necklace Series #1
Publisher: Self - Published
Release Date: February 17, 2013
Reviewed: eCopy

The Demon Child by Anila Hoxha was a very interesting read. I thought that The Demon Child was written pretty well and I think Hoxha did a great job at creating her characters. As my readers should know by now, character development is my pet peeve, the books I read need to have really good character development or I don’t like the story at all. There was great character development in this short novel. Character development is the reason this book went from a three star to a four star for me.

Hoxha’s The Demon Child is about two sisters, Rose and Anne. Rose has become the care taker for Anne since their parents died. When Rose receives an interesting present and Anne gets a hold of it something strange happens. Anne disappears out of thin air. As Rose tries to track down her sister, she discovers the legend behind the necklace and what the sole purpose behind its curse is.

Anila Hoxha approached me by asking if I would conduct an interview with her for her blog tour and of course I said yes. Her book sounded interesting and so I requested a copy of it to also review at a later date, but I wanted to get a feel for the story and author that I was about to interview for my blog. This novel may be short, but it is fast paced so it keeps you interested. The world that Hoxha has created is very interesting and she definitely did a great job for her debut novel. There are a few areas that could have been written a little better and a few spots that the flow could have been better too. Overall this was novel was great. Anila Hoxha, thank you for giving me a chance to read your book. Good luck on the sequel, I bet it will be great.

I give "The Demon Child" four out of five bookshelves.

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