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Blogiversary Day 3: How I have grown as a reader...

How I have grown as a reader...

I have grown as a reader through my blogging because I know pay closer attention to the books I read. When you are reviewing books, you have to take several things into consideration. Characters, story line, plot, setting, pace, and wording, as a reviewer, I have to look at all of this and try to be a fair an accurate judge of the book. Of course, everything is going to be my own opinion, but I want it to be my professional opinion. I have learned to pay closer attention to the details while I am reading. I still get to enjoy the story and the book, but it is also my job to make sure that I write a great review for other readers. In turn this has also helped my everyday skills of paying attention to the details that are around me. I think starting a book blog has help me grow as a person and I am glad that I started it up.

Today's giveaway is an ARC of "Winger" by Andrew Smith. 

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Review for "Winger" is here.

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