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It's my 1 year Blogiversary

My Blog turns 1 year old today! I would like to share a little bit about myself and the last year of blogging. I have learned a lot and I have enjoyed my journey so much. There have definitely been some rough spots over the last year but all in all it has been a lot of fun and I love it.

I will have several giveaways going on the next few days so definitely check them out. I will post a new one each day and there are sure to be some fun activities going on too.

Here is my list of my top ten experiences over the last year of blogging:

1. I met the amazing Rachel Harris. Her book "My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century" was one of my first books reviewed on this site and I absolutely loved it. I also became a flirt squad member and have met some of the most amazing people.

2. Rachel Carter was one of the first author's that I won a book from and I was so excited and stoked that I could not believe it.

3. I've grown as a reader and a writer because I take time to write blog posts. I feel like I am becoming a better writer.

4. Blogging has taught me a lot about having to work hard at something and making sure that I dedicate enough time to make sure that it turns out right. This is my baby that I have built from the ground up and I am pretty proud of it.

5. I discovered Epic Reads and #TeaTime. Best hour ever on Wednesdays. I love it. I have loved the conversations and events that have been on there. Becuase of my involvement on, I actually got to be the official twitter for one of the Pitch Dark Days stops. It was so awesome getting to meet all the authors and Ali from HarperCollins Social Media team. Let me just say that Ali is amazing and I am so glad that I got to meet her.

6. Mila 2.0 came out and I actually got to meet Debra Driza. Yes! She is awesome.

7. I have joined several street teams and they are a blast!

8. I've had the chance to learn about different things in the blog world.

9. I learned that even when people gang up on you, there are people you can count on. Not everyone is mean but you have to people careful with who you trust.

10. I have discovered a whole new love and enjoyment for books.


  1. Happy blogoversary!
    Are the giveaways open internationally?

  2. I will have some international giveaways going up on Friday. The Monday - Thursday ones are US only.