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Mini Review: Water by Natasha Hardy

Surrender to the power of the water... Alex knows she is different. She’s plagued by nightmares that feel shockingly real and an intense restlessness she cannot explain. As the long hot summer holidays stretch before her, Alex seeks out adventure in the rugged mountains of Injasuthi. But during a camping trip to the mystic jade pools, Alex meets Merrick, a boy who tells her the shocking truth about herself, and Alex's nightmare is about to become reality. Because Alex is no ordinary teenager...she is a half-mermaid and her adventures are only just beginning.

By: Natasha Hardy
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Carina (Harlequin UK)
Release Date: August 16th 2013

"Water" by Natasha Hardy was very hard to get into. I thought it started out very slow and so it was very difficult to get into. Once it started to get better the book was pretty much over. I think this book has a lot of potential; I just don't think it was reached just yet. I felt like I didn't get to know the characters very much either. I am a huge mermaid fan, and I was really disappointed.

I don't want to just point out everything bad in this book, so I just want to say that I really like Alex. I think Alex is a great character. I think Alex is the only reason I kept reading this story. That and I was just hoping it would get better. The cover for this book is absolutely beautiful. It drew me in right away.

I give "Water" two of of five bookshelves.

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