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Book Review: Rise by Anna Carey

How far will you go when you have nothing left to lose?

When she lost her soul mate, Caleb, Eve felt like her world had ended. Trapped in the palace, forced to play the part of the happy, patriotic princess of The New America—and the blushing bride of her father's top adviser—Eve's whole life is a lie. The only thing that keeps her going is Caleb's memory, and the revolution he started.

Now, Eve is taking over where Caleb left off. With the help of Moss, an undercover subversive in the King's court, she plots to take down The New America, beginning with the capital, the City of Sand. Will Eve be able to bring about a new, free world when she's called upon to perform the ultimate act of rebellion—killing her father?

In Rise, Eve must choose who to leave behind, who to save, and who to fight as Anna Carey's epic tale of romance and sacrifice in the chilling dystopia of The New America comes to a stunning conclusion.

By: Anna Carey
Publisher: HarpterTeen
Series: Eve #3
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Reviewed: Hardcover

I have mixed feelings about “Rise” by Anna Carey. I’m not sure if I liked it or not. “Rise” is very well written but I am not sure I like how it ended. With “Rise” being the last book in the series, of course it was sad that Eve and her friends were going to move on with their lives but as a reader, I am not sure what I wanted with the end. There are so many possibilities left for the “Eve” series with how it had ended. Part of me wonders if that was the purpose that Carey wanted, she wanted the readers to finish Eve’s story.

I believe Eve has grown a lot. She went from a timid girl to one that defied her father for what was right. Something like that could make or break a person and in Eve’s case it made her. She has such a kind heart towards other trying to help them in the tough situations that they have ended up in. Eve had a lot on her plate that she had to deal with.

I would have to admit I started to like Charles in this book. Charles changed since we first met him. He was more than willing to cover for Eve when he could have given her secrets away. Charles was definitely becoming a gentleman that would be worth something to someone.

Clara grew up a ton in “Rise.” I think she is the character that showed the most progress. Clara became an adult in “Rise” and I have to say that I am very proud of her. She learned how to take care of others and put differences aside. I believe Clara also learned about loyalty too and how you need to be loyal to people in order for them to trust you.

I liked “Rise” as far as how the writing and plot was laid out. I think “Rise” was an excellent book and definitely worth reading. I was just a little disappointed with how it ended. I feel like too many questions were left opened. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a happy ending but I feel like it ended abruptly. I think the “Eve” trilogy was really good. Ultimately “Rise” was a really good and a great wrap up to the series.

I give "Rise" four out of five bookshelves.


  1. Oh, I'm glad that Clara and Eve grew in this one! I'm a bit confused, though... maybe I should finally finish this trilogy? (Beings I've forgot most of the names and the storyline by now.) Awesome review, Ali!

  2. You should definitely finish the series. I wasn't completely sure about it in the beginning but I definitely started liking it by book two. I was a little disappointed with the last book but I think it is worth reading because I think it turned out to be a great series.