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Book Review: 52 Reasons to Hate my Father by Jessica Brody

Being America’s favorite heiress is a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Lexington Larrabee has never to work a day in her life. After all, she’s the heiress to the multi-billion-dollar Larrabee Media empire. And heiresses are not supposed to work. But then again, they’re not supposed to crash brand new Mercedes convertibles into convenience stores on Sunset Blvd either.

Which is why, on Lexi’s eighteen birthday, her ever-absent, tycoon father decides to take a more proactive approach to her wayward life. Every week for the next year, she will have to take on a different low-wage job if she ever wants to receive her beloved trust fund. But if there’s anything worse than working as a maid, a dishwasher, and a fast-food restaurant employee, it’s dealing with Luke, the arrogant, albeit moderately attractive, college intern her father has assigned to keep tabs on her.

In a hilarious “comedy of heiress” about family, forgiveness, good intentions, and best of all, second chances, Lexi learns that love can be unconditional, money can be immaterial, and, regardless of age, everyone needs a little saving. And although she might have 52 reasons to hate her father, she only needs one reason to love him.

52 Reasons to Hate my Father
By: Jessica Brody
Publisher: Square Fish
Released: January 1, 2012
Reviewed: e-Book

"52 Reasons to Hate my Father" by Jessica Brody was absolutely fantastic. It has been awhile since I laughed so hard while reading a book. I can't believe how amazing this book is. Brody definitely has a sense of humor. I have been wanting to read "52 Reasons to Hate my Father" since I saw her awesome book trailer. 

I want to pause for just a moment and say how amazing Brody's book trailers are. They look like little movie trailers. I think it is great. Definitely a unique take on book trailers. I would have to say if other authors did book trailers like Brody's I would definitely watch a whole lot more of them. 

Back to the book. "52 Reasons to Hate my Father" focuses on Lexington and her life as an heiress. Lexington doesn't have any parental guidance so she pretty much does whatever she wants to do. When Lexington crashes a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (beautiful beautiful car) into a convenient store because she was driving drunk her father decides to add rules to her trust fund in order for her to get her money. Bruce, Lexington's father's lawyer, had to give the news to Lexington that she would not be walking out of the office with a 25 million dollar check. Lexington's father has decided that she has to complete 52 different jobs one for every week of the year. On top of that she has a babysitter to keep track of her progress. 

I have to say that Lexington learns some big lessons in this book. I thought the little video blog or vlog's that she did for her progress reports was pretty awesome. Lexington also taught her father a pretty good lesson too. To find out the lessons that were learned you need to pick up a copy of "52 Reasons to Hate my Father." Lexington is such a great character. She provides sarcasm and humor to the story. I think Lexington is so well rounded and has such a great personality. In the beginning she seems like a spoiled brat but as the reader gets to know Lexington as a character, they will find out that there is so much more to her than just money and fame. I don't agree with the decisions that Lexington has made but she had some valid points for making them even if they weren't smart choices. Lexington learns that she has more options out there than the one that seems right in front of her all the time. 

"52 Reasons to Hate my Father" is such a great story and I am glad that Brody decided to take the time to tell it to the readers. I read an ebook copy of "52 Reasons to Hate my Father" and I will probably buy a copy so that way I can have a copy on my bookshelf too because I absolutely loved it. I think it is one of the funniest books you will ever read. I also thought that it was pretty fantastic that Brody had a little snippet of "My Life Undecided" in the book too. Lexington mentions something along the lines of a group of teenagers gabbing about a girl's website where you get to vote on different aspects and decisions in her life. I thought it was great. I think this book is fabulous.

I give "52 Reasons to Hate my Father" five out of five bookshelves.

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