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Molded by tragedy and pushed into emotional independence from a young age, Jasmine Ashcroft thinks she has this whole adulthood thing all figured out. College? Bring it on. Career planning? No problem. Dating? Sure! Well…maybe. After she gets the rest of her life dialed in.

But an unexpected meeting with the musician who created the soundtrack to her life puts those beliefs to the test. Can Jasmine find a safe–and sane–place in his high-stakes, jet-setting world without nuking her future, her family ties, or her heart?

A Million Miles Away
By: Elizabeth Corva
Series: Angel Interceptors #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour Organized by: Indie Sage, LLC
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Like Silver, Jonathan was also clad in jeans with damp hair falling loose over his just-scrubbed chest. Even taller than he looked in photographs, his narrow-waisted, wide-shouldered frame seemed to fill the door frame. “Hiya. Didn’t realize I had an audience out here,” he told her. His expression wasn’t angry, but it wasn’t exactly one of pure delight either. Jasmine realized that he was giving her a chance to explain her presence.

“H-hi. I’m here with my…friend,” she told him. “She’s with Silver. Back there,” she added, pointing toward the closed door on the other side of the room.

“They left you on your own while they tryst? Very poor!”

Even though the singer spoke with a little laugh, Jasmine still felt a stab of anxiety. “I can wait for them outside if you want me to,” she offered, placing her hands behind her back like an errant schoolgirl called to the headmaster’s office.

“How could I kick out a fellow Waterboys fan?” The frontman walked over and held out his hand. “Jonathan Fox.”

Oh yeah, I know. “Jasmine Ashbrook,” she replied, trying to stop the trembling in her extremities as he enclosed her hand in a firm grasp. She greedily inhaled the smell of his shampoo and the hint of another warm fragrance, like a cross between cinnamon and ozone. Was it aftershave? Soap? Or just him?

Jonathan gave a disbelieving laugh. “You’re not having me on, right? Your name’s really Jasmine?”

“No joke, that’s my name.” She thought about producing her driver’s license as evidence, but decided against it because the picture sucked. “Smile!” the DMV employee behind the camera had growled so fiercely that Jasmine was terrified into doing the opposite.

After he retrieved a green-bottled beer from the cooler, Jonathan leaned against the makeup counter. His expression was still neutral, but his grey eyes were starting to warm. “Go on, take your kettle off the heat,” he offered with a nod at the plush armchair.

Jasmine sat down and leaned back, trying to affect a nonchalant attitude. “Thanks-whoa!” She nearly dropped her water as the backrest tilted toward the wall behind her while the lower part of the chair slid forward until she was almost flat on her back.

Jonathan laughed, but in a sympathetic way. “Don’t feel bad. I didn’t realize that was a stealth recliner when I first sat on it either. But unlike you, I spilled my drink.”

Embarrassing though the incident was, Jasmine realized that it had turned out to be the perfect icebreaker. With most of her anxiety gone, she gave Jonathan a tentative smile as she sat up. It was hard not to stare at him. His lightly muscled torso was tantalizingly smooth except for a narrow line of golden-brown hair that trailed down from his navel to disappear beneath the waist of his low-riding jeans. She ever-so-briefly let her gaze drop a couple of inches lower before catching herself. Whoa, Nelly. Stick to the view above the shoulders.


“A Million Miles Away” By Elizabeth Corva was amazing. I wasn’t totally sure if I would like it but it sounded really good so I thought why not and gave it a shot. I absolutely fell in love with this book. I had a hard time putting this novel down or my iPad since I was reading an eARC. “A Million Miles Away” is a stunning novel. I was swept off my feet by Jonathan and Jasmine; those too have the most chemistry ever. I kept wishing that they would get over themselves and just admit how they felt. Silver, Kit, Jasmine, Martin, the whole gang is completely entertaining and I loved them all to pieces.

Jonathan is definitely a stubborn male who in a way is used to getting what he wants. He is a rockstar, so honestly why can’t he be king of the world? What Jonathan isn’t used to is being stunned by a woman. Jasmine did just that. She wasn’t the usual Angel Inceptor that Jonathan was used too. Actually she didn’t act like much of a fan at all she was very calm about everything and very smart.

Jasmine on the other hand had a crush on Jonathan for years but she didn’t want him to know that she was one of those fans. Jasmine did her very best to keep her cool and make sure that she came across as just a normal person. When Jasmine is invited to a show in Phoenix she goes and gets to hang out with Jonathan Fox again. Then the night turns out completely different than she had thought it would. Jasmine honestly hopes that Jonathan will be attracted to her and that he would want to date her but Jasmine is too young for Jonathan. Jonathan tries to just be friends with Jasmine.

As Jonathan and Jasmine get to know each other, Jasmine also becomes Jonathan’s employee while she is attending school in Phoenix. Jasmine is now Jonathan’s personal assistant. Jasmine has to try to find a balance between her new job, her friendship with Jonathan, and her want for something more. I think “A Million Miles Away” was a fun read getting to know Jasmine a little bit more and trying to figure out how she ticks along with Jonathan.

I think these characters were great. I think the story is very well written. I do not recommend these books to anyone under the age of 18 though. There is some language and some mature scenes. No sex. There aren’t many books these days that are written for the new adult genre that don’t have sex scenes in them. I think this was a really great book. I think it should how much someone can grow up from acting like a teenager to acting like an adult.

I give "A Million Miles Away" four out of five bookshelves.

It’s been three years since Jasmine Ashcroft got her innocent heart skewered by her teenage crush, singer Jonathan Fox. Since then, she’s had plenty of time to grow up. To get over him. To move on. Or so she thinks…

Jonathan Fox has been burned by love. Again. Now he’s ready to jumpstart his career and become the most Eligible Rock Star in Town. Which town? All of them. While he tours the world, he’ll also play the field. Or so he thinks…

Jasmine and Jonathan’s paths are about to cross in an unlikely place. For once, the timing is right: Jasmine wants someone to rock her lonely nights. Jonathan wants someone who can keep up with his wild life. But when regret and unrequited desires collide, the resulting firestorm of emotion might be too much for them to handle. Or so they think…

Give in to the Night
By: Elizabeth Corva
Series: Angel Interceptor #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour Organized by: Indie Sage, LLC
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All she had left to do was put on makeup and she would be ready for her not-a-date. Back in the bathroom, she got out her eye shadow compacts first, trying to decide on her look. Hmm, smoky or understated? Smoky, she decided. That was the look she had the first time she met Jonathan. Her friend Marianne had helped with her makeup that night, and the teenage Jasmine had learned firsthand what a powerful thing it could be when done right.

Thinking she was older than 17, Jonathan had invited her to his show in Phoenix. By the time he learned her true age, it was too late to stop their blooming friendship…although he did wait to see her again until she turned 18 a few weeks later. Even though they never did get to the next level, Jasmine was still proud that she had gotten the notoriously picky Rock star’s attention in the first place.

Her makeup seemed to take forever. She wanted everything to be perfect - not an eyebrow hair out of place. Once she was satisfied, she dropped her eye shadow and lipstick in her clutch bag and left the bathroom, her breath as quick as her steps.

After a detour through her room to put on a black metal mesh cuff bracelet that matched her dress, Jasmine went out to the living room and peeked through the vertical blinds just as the kitchen clock hit 8:00. Right on time, Jonathan’s Aston-Martin pulled up to the curb.Okay. Let’s do this.

As she stepped outside, Jonathan got out of the car and started walking up the concrete stairway that led to the house. Jasmine met him halfway, trying not to gape at the sight of the immaculately clad British man. He had paired a gunmetal grey shirt with sleek black trousers, held on his slender hips by a grommet-studded leather belt. Tonight, his hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail that allowed the longer layers around his face to swing free. He extended a hand to her, exposing the tattoos on his wrist underneath the cuff of his shirt.

“Evenin’ Jas. You look stunning,” he told her before bringing the knuckles of her right hand to his lips, playing the Gentleman Rogue role to the hilt. If she had still been 18, she would have hyperventilated herself into a coma on the spot.

Arm in arm, they descended to the sidewalk. “Bianca’s is that way,” Jasmine told him, jerking her head toward the north.

“Are you sure the walk isn’t too far?” Jonathan asked, glancing at her platform wedges. She had gone with the tallest pair she owned so she wouldn’t have to crane her neck looking up at him all night.

With a breezy laugh, she waved off his question. “They’re more comfortable than they look. And it’s only three blocks to the restaurant. I’m good.”

“Right, then. If you say so.” Jonathan reached out for her hand and her heart went into a barrel roll.


"Give into the Night" by Elizabeth Corva was a decent sequel to "A Million Miles Away." The hard thing is, I didn't like it as well as "A Million Miles Away." Jasmine is all grown up now and doing pretty well and Jonathan chose the wrong life. His is falling apart. I have a hard time feeling sorry for the guy. I was proud of how things ended in "A Million Miles Away" but then they picked up in "Give into the Night" in the opposite direction. It isn't that Jonathan and Jasmine aren't good together, it just doesn't necessarily make me ecstatic. 

Jasmine has grown up. She has moved back home and she is trying too finish college. She just started working in a night club and she decides to make some decisions that she is unsure of because she wants too make more money. When Jonathan comes into the club and sees Jasmine. He asks to speak with her. After the embarrassment and how she felt like judgement was passed on her, she ended up quitting her new position and going back to her old one. When a shooting happens at the club, Jasmine goes to see Jonathan, so she didn't have to be alone. From there things started to change.

Jonathan wondered what happened to Jasmine since she disappeared three years ago. The night club was the last place he thought she would show up at. Jonathan can't seem to get Jasmine out of his hand so when Jasmine comes to his house in the middle of the night because of a shooting that happened at the club she worked at, Jonathan thought this could be his second chance. Jonathan tries to make things better with Jasmine along with pursing a relationship with her too. 

I would have to say the plot was pretty much the same as it was in the first novel however the roles were reversed. Jonathan was pursuing Jasmine this time around. The couple has to face many problems but they seem to do pretty well together. The characters return better than ever and I loved getting to know the new characters. I think Corva does a great job of bringing life to her characters.

I give "Give in to the Night" three out of five bookshelves.


Elizabeth Corva is a headbanger cleverly disguised as an ordinary office drone. Before she fell down the rabbit hole into the corporate world, she held various jobs in the music industry. Most of them were gruntwork and none of them paid worth a hoot, but she got a treasure trove of good band stories out of it. She’ll tell you some of the juicier ones if you ply her with the right beverages.

The Angel Interceptor series was conceived as the sun was setting on Hair Metal, born during the early days of fictionpress, and came of age in 2013 when the author finally worked up the nerve to try self-publishing. All of Elizabeth’s works are dedicated to the men who play Metal and the women who love them, even though they should know better. She pinkie swears to stay far away from insta-love, cheating, and nausea-inducing baby drama.

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