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Book Review: Trust by L. Chapman

Lovely Megan Madden has lost her faith in men. But this has not kept her from the joy of her best friend's up coming wedding. While in London shopping for the big event, Megan's life takes a surprising turn when a quick drink brings changes to her life she never saw coming. Join in the roller coaster of emotions Megan must endure as she attempts to regain her TRUST.

Who knew a quiet drink could change your life?

By: L. Chapman
Series: Believe #1
Release Date: July 8th 2013
Genre: Romance

"Trust" by L. Chapman was a cute little love story. The reader begins the book with Megan who is a few months pregnant being in a bar with her best friend Jenny. Mark catches Megan's eye and later introduces himself to her. Mark seems to be attached to Megan right away whereas Megan having to consider "bump" (her baby) is more cautious. Mark tries his hardest to convince Megan that he is truly interested in her even though she is pregnant. Megan, who was dumped by "bump's" father, is very cautious about who she is going to let into her life because she doesn't want to be hurt again and she doesn't want anyone to hurt bump. 

Mark tries to prove to Megan that even after only knowing her for a short time that he is in love with her and wants to spend his life with her. Megan has a hard time trusting him so he really has to work at trying to convince her. Mark owns his own company and he is highly successful and he takes the time to try to spend as much time as he can with Megan before Megan returns home. Megan is trying to split her time between Mark, who she is unsure of and Jenny who is her best friend. Megan and Jenny are shopping for Jenny's wedding, so they are trying to get everything together and prepared.

I honestly think that "Trust" could have been executed better. I felt bored a lot. "Trust" was a very short read for me, it only took a couple hours however i didn't catch my attention at all. I felt bored more than I should have. I feel like the plot wasn't completely developed because heir was no hook and nothing to keep me wanting more. The characters were sweet but I didn't develop an attachment to them at all. I feel like they could have had more depth.  I feel like this novel could have  been so much more. 

I think the writing was pretty good. Chapman does know how to write. I think she did good with the writing. I just don't think there was a whole lot of substance to the book. It really boils down to the fact that I was completely bored and uninterested in the story and the characters. I really do think this story could have been a whole lot better. 

I give "Trust" three out of five bookshelves.

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