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Book Review: Evil of Love by NL Echeverria

"Evil of Love" by NL Echeverria is a tale about a woman that had an abusive childhood and was shipped away why she was still in high school to her Aunt Elizabeth's house, leaving behind Eric Sutherland. Eric Sutherland was Stephanie's high school boyfriend and until that one fatal night he didn't know that Steph had to deal with an abusive and drunk father, with a mother that wouldn't defend her at all. When her father catches Eric and Steph in her room doing homework, he drags her out calling her a slut and telling her that she needs to get out of his sight and make sure that her boyfriend never comes back. Eric snuck Steph into his own house and told her that he would protect her no matter what. That was the first night that Eric and Steph slept together. 
Then we jump to ten years later and Stephanie is married Travis Barnes. When Stephanie was dating Travis, everything seemed perfect, but as soon as they got married Travis started to show his real side. Stephanie realized that in a way that she had married a little bit of her father. Travis is a very abusive husband. When he drinks too much he becomes abusive and demanding towards Stephanie. When he isn't drunk, he is a complete control freak. He won't let her work, she isn't allowed to have a car or friends; Travis took everything away from her. The only time she ever gets to have time for herself is when she sneaks away to the market to go visit her friend Zooey.

When Steph sneaks away to go meet up with Zooey at the market and runs into Eric Sutherland. Steph catches up with Eric over coffee and tries to make sense of everything Steph doesn't want Eric to know about her current situation and Eric only wants to protect Steph. He can tell that something is wrong. Eric and Steph begin to meet up with each other again and again. They begin to have an affair with one another and Eric learns more and more about Stephanie's current life that he is trying to get her away from them.

I honestly didn't think this story had much substance. There were characters and a lot of sex and abuse but not a whole lot of anything else. I felt like everything was completely predictable like been there done that. I had a hard time getting attached to anything. The characters were hard to love because I felt like there was nothing to genuinely to love or cherish about them. They were there in the story but they didn't have substance. I felt like I was reading a very flat story. Everything was focused around sex and abuse which is something that for one doesn't interest me and two I didn't like that the story was all sex. The writing was extremely amateur and the story just needed a lot of work.

Specific books aren't for everyone. This book isn't for me but it could be for others. Just because I wasn't a fan of the book doesn't mean that other people can't be fans of it. I like my books to have substance and story lines and I just don't feel like "Evil of Love" had that.


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