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Book Review: Stealing the Groom by Sonya Weiss

"Stealing the Groom" by Sonya Weiss was a very comical story. Chad is getting ready to get married to Claire, when Amelia, his best friend, kidnapped him from his own wedding. Amelia wants to convince Chad that this wedding is a mistake. Amelia assumes that Claire is only after Chad's money, which isn't completely false but the situation is much more complicated than that. Chad has to be married for six months before his grandfather gives him his inheritance of the company shares. Chad had a business arrangement with Claire so that they could get married and collect on the business shares.

 Amelia didn't know that this was going on at the time, but she still wanted a chance to convince her best friend that he should marry for love instead of money and company shares. Amelia doesn't want to see Chad miserable. When everything goes wrong after Amelia kidnaps Chad, she ends up in her own predicament that she has to try to find a way out.

 I think that the storyline in "Stealing the Groom" is quite cute. Weiss had me laughing for the majority of the time. It seemed like something would go wrong and then the problem was fixed and then something else would go wrong. I was pretty entertained. I do have to say like most "Bliss" books that "Stealing the Groom" was a light read. If readers want to read something before bed or maybe have a lovely beach read, this would definitely be the book. It is cute and funny. Has budding romance and a little bit of heartbreak. What is a good romance novel if there isn't some sort of heartbreak in there? I was able to follow along with the book and where the plot was going quite nicely. Weiss had my attention within the first chapter to where I didn't put this book down until I completed it.

 Chad's character was hard to like at first. I could tell that he cared for Amelia but he seemed too much of a workaholic to be given much credit from me. I didn't like how he was always telling Amelia how foolish she was and how she doesn't think things through when all she wanted was to try to save her best friend from making a terrible mistake. I think Chad was focused more on the unimportant things in life rather than what truly mattered. There is a point to everything that happens in life and Chad was missing those points, in a way Chad was just trying to get by in life.

 Amelia may not be the best planner in life but she has good intentions. She wants to see her best friend happy and doesn't want to see him make any big mistakes in life. I can't blame her, I would want to see my best friend make those kind of mistakes in their life. I wouldn't want to see anyone live a miserable life. Amelia goes into this mess with only her heart on her sleeve regarding her feelings for Chad as a friend. What Amelia soon discovers is she may like Chad more than just a friend, but does she want to take the risk and possibly ruin their friendship? Amelia was easy to love right away. She is that spunky, adventurous, careless female that seems to get everything she wants but on the other hand she really doesn't. Amelia is the type of girl that anyone would love to have as a best friend.

 In all I think Weiss did a great job with "Stealing the Groom." I recommend checking it out, I don't believe you will be disappointed.


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