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Book Review: My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris

I have been waiting for this novella for what seems like a lifetime. Rachel Harris is one of my absolute favorite authors, so any work of hers has me anxiously waiting. I was excited to have a copy waiting in my inbox on release day. So excited that I downloaded it right away, only to forget both my ipad and iphone at home.

"My Not So Super Sweet Life" takes off roughly around where the reader left off in "A Tale of Two Centuries." Cat and Lucas just started dating, and it is nice to see Cat with someone that knows the truth about her life. Less and Austin are still going strong as a couple and are the other half of the gang. When Cat's world comes crumbling down because her celebrity mother decides to come out of the woodwork and dump some havoc on Cat's life. Not only messing life up for Cat but also for her dad and Jenna.

Catarina has many things in store for her daughter but none of it is the whole truth of why she is really wanting to be back in Cat's life. All Cat wants is to get to know her mom and find out why she left her so many years ago.

Cat has definitely grown up since readers first met her in "My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century." She has opened up to not only her cousin Less but also to both Austin and her boyfriend Lucas. Cat is letting her walls and guards down in order for those she loves to become close to her. This is a big deal for Cat and I am very excited to finally see this happen. When she has been shutting people out her entire life, opening up is a big deal. I personally feel like I really got to know Cat in this series. She has grown as a character and has become one of my favorite all time characters. I'm really hoping that maybe we will see more from Harris in the future about Cat.

Lucas is mine! I am not sharing. I've loved him since the beginning and I still love him now. Many girls swooned over Austin but I definitely chose Lucas all the way. Lucas is the perfect boyfriend. He let's Cat have her space when she needs it even though that is the last thing on the planet that he wants to do. Lucas is always showing up to save the day. He is truly a fantastic boyfriend. Lucas hasn't had the easiest life. He is living in the shadow of his big brother, who passed away and he is also trying to figure out what he wants in life. Is he wanting to just please his parents or does he want to try to find his own path?

Austin and Less are fantastic. They are the bestest friends a girl could have. This duo makes an amazing support team for both Cat and Lucas. I am still rooting for their wedding one day.

Ransom is new to the story. I have to say I loved him right away. It was truly heartfelt how he protected Cat and wanted to help take care of her, make sure she was going to be alright. Ransom started out with a little but of a bad boy persona but as I got to know him, he became an even better human being. I would love to see more Ransom in the future. *hint hint*

I've loved Harris' characters all the way. I think they are fabulous. Definitely flirtilicious! They've all been developed quite nicely. Rachel Harris definitely has a knack for writing characters and great ones at that.

I think the plot was extremely good. Maybe a little too much melodrama in the beginning but I think it turned out quite nicely. I would definitely buy a paperback copy if I could. *more hinting* I definitely have to say that this is one if the best series I have ever read and I recommend it to everyone.

I know "My Not So Super Sweet Life" is the conclusion to this trilogy, but I really want more. I want more Ransom and more Reyna. I feel like they both deserve their own stories. In case my wishes never come true....I do think this was a good conclusion to a great series. Now I just need to pray for more from the always fabulous Rachel Harris.

Pick up a copy today because I don't believe anyone would be disappointed with this series. I know I was not. I've been a fan since the very beginning. Rachel, my friend you did amazing. I expect great things in the future!

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