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Coffee: Shot Four

If we sat down to coffee I would tell you that I am liking my new job. I am starting to like the city that I am living in and I hope that I am here to stay. I still have a lot of worries though of what will come in the future. I don't believe that everything is perfect  but I do believe we can have things perfect. That is what I want. I want things to be close to perfect. I want life to work out. Happiness is a big key to life and I feel like if you aren't happy with what you are doing in life than you need to change it. Life should be happy. A person may have stressful times because life can be difficult, but I feel like there should be more happiness than anything else.

If we sat down to coffee I would tell you that life can be difficult sometimes but I am stubborn enough to make it through. I have to say that the last month and a half has been way more difficult than it should be. During this whole process I lost a really good friend or well someone I thought was a really good friend. Turned out I was wrong. I've moved away from my family and boyfriend. I am trying to start over in a city where I get lost daily. I feel like I can't complain too much because I am doing better now but it doesn't mean that I haven't experienced those hardships.

If we sat down to coffee I would tell you that it can be very lonely living in a city all by yourself. I am learning to cope with it and become comfortable in my own skin and being alone. I definitely know that I am a people person because I miss having those personal interactions. I am honestly getting used to it. I read a lot or explore. I make friends at the library. I try hard not to be too much of a loner. In a way I feel like my internet friends are the main people I talk too. Besides the conversations I have with my mom and boyfriend. I have to say that I am definitely thankful to have Iris. She has been a life saver at times for someone to talk too. Check out Iris blog, it is on the side in my recommended blogs.

If we sad down to coffee, I would have to apologize for the shot visit because I don't have much to share. I feel like everything has been pretty steady in my life, so even though there are a lot of new things going on there really isn't much to report. I do miss people. I miss a lot of people but I will survive because that is what I am a survivor.

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