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Another New Life Blog Tour: Review


It would be so easy to jump into his arms and drag him to bed, close my eyes, and

let that physical part of me take over. I still wanted him so bad, but I wasn't supposed to

do that anymore. I wasn’t supposed to use sex to mask my problems. Damn therapy.

"You could stay in here," he said.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"I've really screwed things up, haven't I?" Troy stared at the ground.

"Troy, please don't do this."

"What?" He looked up.

"Make me feel sorry for you."

"At least I'd know you felt something for me."

"I do feel something for you." I sat down. "I love you."

He knelt in front of me, taking my hands. I watched as he brought them to his

lips. "I love you, too."

I pulled my hands out of his grip.

"I can't do this. Not now. I know I said I was okay, but I don't know. Being here

and remembering all the time we spent together in this room. You made me feel safe. I

felt so connected to you. I thought you'd never hurt me, but I am hurt and sad and scared

we'll never be able to get back what we had. I'm different, but you're different now, too."

"Please don't say that."

"I don't see how—" I began.

"No, we can fix this. I can fix it." Troy's tone showed his desperation. "Just, don't

say there's no chance."

"It's how I feel. Even if we were to get back together again, it's not going to be the


Troy stood up. He had a defeated little boy look like someone stole his favorite

toy, but he turned to me and made one more plea. "What can I do?"

"Give me some time, okay?" I stood up and headed to the door.

I didn't wait to hear his response. I closed the door behind me. As I headed to the

living room, I grabbed a blanket from the hall closet and wrapped myself in it. I curled up

into the corner of the coach and cried myself to sleep.







"Another New Life" by Michelle Irwin was extremely well written. I really liked the characters and the plot. I think the writing was really good. There were several mistakes which is typical for a manuscript. There was one point that text was repeated. I found several spacing errors in the text between sentences. The story itself as in the plot and everything was great. I was able to feel emotions for the characters. When something bad happened, I was sad and when something good happened, I cheered for the characters. I felt like I really got to know Troy and Miranda. I felt a connection with Miranda right away. I wanted to know more about it and what made her tick and I wasn't disappointed as "Another New Life" continued on.

I thought the storyline in "Another New Life" was really good. It made me smile and I was on the verge of tears several times. Two elementary school best friends find each other again in college after they've been separated since they were 10 years old. I was intrigued. Why were these two separated and how will the cope being back together again. I did not expect Troy and Miranda to jump into a relationship together but when they did I just hoped that it would be good for both of them. Miranda has a lot of issues that she has either buried or the ones that she dealt with she did it in an unhealthy way. When those issues begin to surface her relationship with Troy started to become rocky and they had to work together or fight it out to get pass their problems. Troy and Miranda have to cope with their pasts.I enjoyed the characters a lot. Troy acts like the perfect boyfriend. He is the college superstar on the football team and he is insanely popular. Troy has everything that someone could wish for on the surface but as soon as you get past the superficial you find out that he doesn't have a great family life. His parents divorced and he doesn't speak to his mom anymore. He gets along with his dad and half-brother but he doesn't talk to them very often. Troy doesn't really know what happened with his parents. All he knows is that his mother wanted to send his half-brother away and then shortly after his parents were divorced. Troy may seem perfect to the outside world but he truly is a mess inside. He has always wondered why his best friend moved away when they were 10 and never said goodbye.

Miranda is trying to start over in college. She didn't have the greatest childhood and high school was terrible for her too. Miranda just wants to forget her past. The last thing that Miranda was expecting to run into her childhood best friend and she definitely wasn't planning on dating him. Miranda had never had a boyfriend before and she's never been on a date, so Troy got to bee her first for both. Now with that being said that didn't mean that Miranda didn't have any experience with guys because she definitely had experience, it just had more to do with sex than anything else. Miranda was used to getting attention in secret from guys but she didn't usually receive special treatment outside of closed doors so when Troy was affectionate in front of their friends, Miranda enjoyed being with someone that seemed to love her for who she was. She didn't know how to tell Troy about her past. She was afraid that it would destroy their relationship.

My favorite character is Darcy. Darcy is Miranda's roommate and best friend. Darcy is always there for Miranda. She helps Miranda to break out of her shell and become more involved with friends. Darcy likes to date around to try to figure out what guy she wants to end up with. Darcy is a little jealous that Miranda is able to find love but she can't seem to find it. Miranda snaps at her a lot when she wants to know any details about their love life. When it comes down to the nitty gritty when Miranda needs Darcy, she is there. Darcy comforts Miranda when she needs it. Darcy is the kind of friend that I like to have. She is loyal and trustworthy. She cares for her friends. I really liked the characters in "Another New Life."

I would definitely recommend this book to others. I think it has a great storyline and I think here are lessons to be learned. Miranda has to go through a lot of inner turmoil because she never chose to let anyone else in and when her world started to crumble she started to let her aunt in and once that happened they started to get better for Miranda mentally. I think this is a story that should be shared with others. It has a sweet sense of romance but I like "Another New Life" a lot because of the lessons that can be learned from this story.


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