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Book Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Woah! What to say? I am still trying to get over my book hangover. Here is the low down (if you haven't read Divergent or Insurgent yet, I would walk away now because things will be spoiled for you. BUT...there are no spoilers for Allegiant).

Tris, Four, Christina, Cara, and several others venture out beyond the wall. To discover old and new friends already living there. Not only do they go through the process of finding out what is beyond the wall but they also have to process what the world is really like. Roth has done a good job at starting off the next book around where the cliffhanger was in the previous book.

Tris and Four have some big decisions to make in "Allegiant." Lives are at stake many and they have to figure out how far they have to go in order to save the people that they love. I think Tris and Four have been on an incredible journey and now it is coming to an end.

I think Veronica Roth has grown a lot in her writing since "Divergent." I am slightly confused on the change of tone within "Allegiant." "Allegiant" has a completely different tone than both "Divergent" and "Insurgent." Everything became completely mellow. I am not totally sure why there was a change of tone. It seemed as if the characters really didn't care anymore. It seemed as they accepted the world they live in and don't care much about what happens next. It just seemed really odd to have the mood so mellow.

I think all of the characters are amazing. It was sad to say goodbye to them. I have to admit that I think the characters grew a lot in their journey. I was beginning to strongly dislike Tris in "Insurgent," I just couldn't get around her selfishness and the fact that she was trying to kill herself recklessly. Now that Tris is over that phase, it seems that she is still doing things recklessly, just with better intentions this time around. Tris is the heroine of the story so it only seemed right that she got to play her role right? I just wish things ended up differently than how they ended.

Tobias or Four, whichever name you would like to call him by because he seems to go by both. I became attached to Four right away. He was the strong hero that always seemed to save people. As Four became more attached to Tris, he began to open up. He began to open up and share himself with Tris to where he was vulnerable to her. It was sweet and romantic to see what loving someone could do to someone. I really think that Four is a great character. I think Roth's best writing was with him. I was devastated for Four throughout "Allegiant." I couldn't believe how much he was going through. Four is a fabulous character and I thin he makes a really great book boyfriend.

Since Tris and Four are the main characters in this tale, I am only going touch base on them but I really think that all of the other kids have grown a lot and deserve to be recognized for that. The characters have come together and have grown. Characters that weren't friends before, are friends now. I think there has been a lot of growing up since the beginning and that is nice to see in a series.

Surprisingly I actually liked the plot of "Allegiant." I wasn't sure if I was going to based off of all the information I had been previously told about the novel but I was giving it a shot anyway so that I could form my own opinion. I wish I could ask Roth why she decided to go down the path that she did because I am extremely curious why she made the choices that she did for her novels but I have to admit that I didn't hat the ending as much as I thought I would. I definitely had to say that I had a bit of a book hangover after "Allegiant." I wasn't sure how to process the ending of this series. I had a "UHHH" moment. I still don't know how I feel about the end but I don't think it ended as bad as everyone thought. I think I would have made different decisions for the series but then again I am not the writer and I wasn't the person that came up with the original idea. I thought "Allegiant" was pretty good. I think the "Divergent" series is definitely good. It isn't necessarily my favorite but I think it makes for a great read even with its ups and downs. I would definitely read it again.

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  1. Allegiant: steadfast in devotion (especially to your lawful monarch or government)

    The book starts bit slowly and goes on at a lingering pace till midway and suddenly picks up pace where you are glued to book till the end.... Tris who finally decides to be Allegiant towards her people.... The book concludes the triology with a bang to leave you asking for more......

    The book is packed with least of the action you would find in two prequels.... but the plot covered in the book does not need as much as action I expected there to be....

    This book took the most time to complete as compared to Divergent and Insurgent as this is slowest and has patches of dull areas........

    Thats all I have to say about it ...... I completed the Triology in almost 30 days..... and enjoyed a lot of it.......