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Book Review: Second Star by Alyssa Sheinmel

"Second Star" by Alyssa Sheinmel was extremely disappointing. I really like the story of Peter Pan and as a big Peter Pan fan, I may have had too high of hopes for "Second Star." I just found myself bored or lost a lot. Having the character set as surfers in a surfing environment was a weird place to start in general. I was trying to follow the path that Sheinmel was trying to take but I could not get into the story at all. I thought it was weird creating this world that Wendy Darling was hallucinating in. It was hard to figure out if what was happening to Wendy was real or pretend.

Wendy is a teenager who lost her brothers and all she wants to do is try to find them. Everyone believes that they are dead but Wendy thinks that her brothers are just missing. She thinks that she will be able to find them and that they really aren't gone forever. Wendy ends up in this magical beach place called Kensington, where she meets Pete and Belle. Wendy begins to befriend Pete and starts to learn how to surf since her brothers never took the time to try to teach her.

Then Wendy finds out the truth about Pete and she ends up with Jas. I am assume that Jas is suppose to be like Captain Hook. Wendy starts a journey with Jas to try to track down her brothers only to find out the real truth of what happened to them. Wendy can't seem to figure out which world is real the one in Kensington or the one that her parents keep telling her is real. I felt so lost. I really didn't that "Second Star" was written very well. I thought it was long and boring and all over the place. I was having a really hard time trying to make it through this book. There were a few times that I thought about completely giving up on the book but I kept hoping that it would get better even thought it never did.

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