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Coffee: Shot Five

Welcome to my feature on the blog where you get to learn about the blogger behind the books, reviews, and blog.

If we sat down for a cup a coffee I would tel you that I am having a hard time. There have been some major changes over the last few months and most of them I am enjoying a lot but there is one that should be making me happy and it does some days and makes me mad on others. Do you ever feel like you aren't appreciated? That is how I am feeling. Really it isn't a good feeling. I am starting to feel like my feelings and emotions don't matter. They don't count. Recently someone was mad at me because I hurt their feelings which I didn't mean too. I guess I said something ruder than how I meant it. To be completely honest I just think the person took what I said harder than what it was meant for but what they said that caused my reaction was hurtful. I am the bad guy because I stated that I didn't like what was said and it hurt their feelings. What about my feelings? I guess I would ask for advice. FInd out what you would do in the situation or maybe how you handle your own feelings. I'm started to feel like I am not allowed to have feelings.

If we sat down for a cup of coffee I'd ask you if you ever truly felt loss about life. When I feel like I am doing something right, everything ends up turning into a big mess. Look at my moving situation. I moved to a new city, I was supposed to live with a friend of mine, rent a room from her but she just ended up getting her house three days ago. I've been living in my new town for a month and a half now. There is no way I would have survived living out of a hotel for a month and half. Since I didn't move in with that friend, she has basically ended our friendship. Which I can't say I am really sad about, I mean she did kick me out of staying at her house before all of the moving process which caused me having to live in a hotel in the first place. Then good things happen. I got my apartment and I am making things work. I feel like every time I think I am making a good decision that something bad happens. I get reprimanded by someone for the choices that I have made. On top of all of that when did do ing well in your career or being knowledgable become a bad thing. I am starting to feel like I just irritate or get on people's nerves. One day it seems like people like me and the next they give me the cold shoulder. I just don't understand it. Sometimes I for the most part just try to stay out of the drama. I think it is better for me.

If we sat down for a cup of coffee I'd tell you that I am excited for the end of May because I get to go on the Story Crush Summer Tour that Epic Reads puts on. I am going to be doing Social Media for them again and I think it will be a blast. I am definitely looking forward to it. I love being the official blogger at these events. Last time I got to be the official blogger it was the Winter Pitch Dark Days Tour for 2013. The Winter Tour was my very first tour ever, so this will be my second tour. I am definitely pretty excited for that. Plus there should be some goodies coming soon.

If we sat down for a cup of coffee I'd say that I hope you have a great Mother's Day Weekend. I am looking forward to seeing my mom. It is weird living away from my family. I haven't decided how I completely feel about it yet. It will definitely be nice to see the family. I am definitely missing them.

How are you? What would you like to tell me on our coffee date?

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