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Mini Review: Under the Hood by Sally Clements

“Under the Hood” by Sally Clements is such a cute Novella. It was such a fun and fast read. I absoultely love the Bliss line from Entangled Publishing. I really like Clements writing. I thought that this little novella had a lot to offer. It was lighthearted and it would make a great summer read. I loved how Clements created female empowered characters. These women are comfortable in their skin and not afraid to express what they want. I really liked Alice Starr. Even though she didn't completely trust men and part of her didn't want to have anything to do with them, she still took a chance on love to discover what she really wanted. I think it is great to read a novella that feels like a complete story. I know a lot of novellas that I have read in the past have made me feel like it is a small snippet for more to come but I think "Under the Hood" was nicely wrapped up in a short book more than anything else. I really do adore this book. I didn't think that it over stepped any boundaries. There were a few comments about sex but nothing too graphic at all. Clements does a great job with her characters. I felt like I really got to know Alice and Mark and I hope to see more of them but if not I think their story was quite perfect.

I did put a content warning on here because even though I think this book is clean, I wouldn't necessarily recommend a young teenager to read it.

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