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Book Review: Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern

"Say What You Will" by Cammie McGovern is a fantastic read. I think this is a great novel. I think this novel is not your typical love story. This story is definitely about love but it is not focused all around romance kind of story. Amy is the main character and she is a special needs child. Amy can function decently well for herself but she has to have some helpers at school. Growing up Amy had either a teacher or a teacher's aide helping her get around. Amy decided that for her senior year of high school that she would like to have peer helpers instead.

Amy asked Matthew to apply for the job because she wanted to get to know him better. When Matthew actually applied, Amy was surprised but excited. Matthew was the only person that was truly honest with Amy and would tell her when he thought that what she was saying was crap. Out of all of Amy's peer helpers, Matthew was her favorite. Matthew had problems of his own that he needed to overcome.

"Say What You Will" is a story about love and friendship. Amy wants to experience everything that she possibly can but there are also consequences for actions. Amy and Matthew have a very complicated relationship because they are always honest with each other, it doesn't always go so well and their are times that they don't speak at all.

I think Amy is a great character. I loved that even though she couldn't talk and she had to use a pathway computer that she was still determined to figure out a way to be semi-normal. Amy found ways to overcome her difficulties and the fact that she was really smart, made her parents have high hope and expectations for her. Amy wanted to live her life to the fullest even if that meant that she made some unwise decisions.

Matthew doesn't have any friends and he has to deal with some of this own mental issues. Once he starts to help Amy, she begins to help him. Matthew learns how to overcome obstacles in his path and how to get better. Matthew grows up a lot in this book and it is nice to see good things happen for him and time goes on. I hope that Matthew and Amy find their happily ever after. I don't know if it will be together or separate but I hope they each have a good life.

I really like the story line and the plot because I feel like not only does it bring awareness to special needs but it also gives others a unique perspective on life and a chance to be grateful about your own life. I really think this story was well written. McGowen did a fabulous job for her debut novel in the young adult world. This novel really knows how to push you over the edge in the emotional department. I was on the verge of tears several times. I felt like I was an emotional roller coaster. I definitely think "Say What You Will" is a must read. It is an absolutely fantastic novel and I think everyone should give it a try.

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