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Dark Metropolis Blog Tour: Review and Excerpt


Nan stated at his fallen form and exhaled sharply, then dropped back down on the tracks. He still wasn’t moving. She got the knife from his limp fingers. Quickly, she searched his pockets. nothing but a few coins and a book of prayers. She could envision him reading prayers by the weak light, trying to hold on to his humanity even while he hungered for blood. Her hands were covered in the flecked blood that had come from his skin and clothes. She brushed her hands together again and again but she just kept feeling it.



I have to say that when I started reading “Dark Metropolis,” I honestly thought this was going to a vampire or reaper novel but I was wrong. I found out that this a very unique take on zombies. Here is the one thing that makes it tough for me to read about zombies. I want zombies to be done in a good way and a lot of writers whether it is for screen or a novel, write zombies so weird. Jaclyn Dolamore, the author of “Dark Metropolis” didn’t call her zombies…well zombies.

The beginning of the books starts out with Thea. Thea’s father died in a war and she is left with her mother who has been driven crazy because of a binding marriage spell. Thea’s mom thought that her father was still alive because of this binding spell and it was driving her crazy because she couldn’t find him. Thea was trying to keep her mother’s condition hidden from others because she didn’t want her to be taken away but when her mother runs off. Thea’s secret is out and her mom gets put into an institution that is supposed to make everything better by taking her memories away.

In order for Thea to take care of her mom an herself she has to drop out of school and get a job at night working as a waitress in a club. At this club is where the story really starts to get interesting. Thea gets to meet many of the rich and famous that come to party out at the club. Randomly Thea ends up having a strange connection with this boy named Freddy who comes into the club with his guardian for drinks. When Thea’s friend Nan suddenly disappears, Theas is determined to find her. Freddy decides that he wants to help Thea find the answers to her questions.

I was trying to find something about “Dark Metropolis” that would make it more fun to read but I felt myself just dragging my feet the entire time. I was actually kind of surprised to find out that this was a Disney –Hyperion novel because it seemed pretty dark for Disney. This book for pretty creepy and dark. I have to say that the writing was very well written. Dolamore does have a talent for writing even though I didn’t particularly like the story. She does a great job at pulling the reader in and she is great at writing suspense into the story. In this novel Dolamore wrote a dual point of view between Thea and Nan. The dual point of view is alright, the biggest issue is that the storyline didn’t completely flow perfectly together. I also found the plot to be pretty predictable.

Dolamore does a great job and writing interesting characters and putting thoughts and feelings on the pages for them. The characters were at least able to keep my attention. I think the one thing I would encourage is to try to give the characters a little more depth to them. The last thing on my list is that the world building was lacking. I felt like the world around the characters wasn’t built very well. I found myself wondering several times what the setting was like because I felt like their wasn’t a whole lot of description there.

With all of this being said though, I don’t want to discourage someone from reading “Dark Metropolis” because I am still a firm believable that just because a book isn’t for me doesn’t mean it won’t work out well for someone else. If the synopsis sounds great to you, than I definitely encourage you to give it a try because I thought it was pretty decent for a debut novel.



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