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Exclusive Interview with Kiera Cass and Giveaway

Interview with Kiera Cass

Ali:  Where were you and how did you react when your book hit #1 on the New York Bestseller list?

Kiera Cass: I was at the Romantic Time Book Festival to speak on a panel with Aprilynne Pike. I was trying not to worry about it since I had to talk so I hadn't checked the list yet. I received a few txt messages on my phone so with the encouragement of Aprilynne Pike. I picked up my phone and immediately dropped it. I started to cry so Aprilynne Pike announced to the group why I randomly started crying.

Ali: If you could attempt another genre what would you choose?

Kiera Cass: I would like to stick with YA and write dystopian. My next project is about unwanted children that are raised to be the perfect companion. When they are teenagers they are sold. That is really all I am allowed to say about it right now.

Ali: If you were part of the Selection, how well do think you would do?

Kiera Cass: Not far at all. I would be out within minutes because I am so awkward. I am like the queen of awkwardness which is why my husband and I work so well together. We are both nerds and very awkward so we fit very well together.

Ali: What was the hardest part of the trilogy to write?

Kiera Cass: Emotionally? Marlee was the hardest part to write. There where huge checks of book 3 that were really hard. Plus I tore out the middle of the Elite twice and rewrote it.

I have to say I had a blast getting to meet with Kierra Cass and talk to her personally. I got to sit in a little office in Powell's books in Portland, Oregon. I have to say it was great meeting one of my favorite authors and getting to ask her questions that I was dying to know. Tune in for more of the Story Crush tour interviews coming soon.


Kiera Cass and myself. Look we match!!!





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