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Life in a Rut, Love Not Included Blog Tour: Review


"Yeah, I'll take a Grande Caramel mocha with skim milk, double shot espresso in a Venti Cup, and add extra whip cream. Thanks." The girl just stares at me. They always do! What? I'm a paying customer and sugar is just as important as caffeine. She reluctantly types in my order and adjusts her eyes to the next paying customer. I see her eyes wrap behind me and lock on Jack. As in not being obvious AT ALL! Seriously? This guy can be my boyfriend and tweener-bop over here is openly just gawking at him! How rude! Then, in her lmest attempt to sound seductive, she asks Jack what his order will be. Amazingly enough, he doesn't seem to take note of her flirtatiousness. He simply spits out his order for a large black coffee and proceeds to dig in his wallet to pay.


For Sarah life has completely ended. Her prestige boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend and then she had a blow up at the office and quit her job. Sarah is back home living with her parents trying to figure out what she is going to do next in her life. Sarah's parents has her running errands for them when she gets into a car accident and has to deal with the rudest guy on earth only to find out that he is the contractor for her parents. Sarah has to learn to find herself again.

"Life in a Rut, Love Not Included" is a hilarious novel. I had a lot of fun reading it. I normally don't review books that have slightly explicit content but I really liked this one. I don't recommend this book to teenage readers but if there are adults checking in, I think this novel is a lot of fun. I laughed a ton.

I can definitely relate to Sarah in a lot of ways as to trying to start over and try a find a new place to work and start your life. I didn't go through the exact situation that she did but I could relate and I think that made "Life in A Rut, Love Not Included" even more fun to read because I could totally understand where the character was coming fun. Sarah is going through something that I wouldn't wish on anyone. As Sarah begins to love again and try to better her life good things happen even when the old things pop up to the surface again and again. Sarah sticks to her guns and I admire her for that.

I still don't know if I love or hate Jack. Maybe it is a little bit of both. Man that guy got on my nerves a lot in the beginning but as the story went on he would began to redeem himself and then he would turn into a jerk again. Jack's personally seemed to be a bit all over the place. I can understand some of his anger issues but not other. In the beginning what he did was totally inappropriate and I couldn't have ever forgiven him. At the same time he is very luscious. I can see a lot of female readers falling for this guy.

Again I thought this was really comical book. It was fun to read. Very light hearted and I was able to finish it in a few hours. This would be a great novel for a beach read or maybe a rainy day read. Definitely check it out if you are interested in some new adult romance.



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