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Mini Review: Sweetly Broken by Christie Pettus

"Sweetly Broken" by Christie Pettus is a very sweet tale of love and forgiveness. Julian tells Kelly that he loves her. Julian fell in love with Kelly because of who she is. It is an unconditional love that isn't based off of looks or love at first site. Kelly has lost many people in her life and with a strained relationship with her mother, Kelly keeps putting up walls to prevent her feelings and heart being hurt. When Kelly's mom gets a fatal diagnosis and Julian professes his love, Kelly begins to break down and she has to decide if she is going to let someone in to her life.

I feel like Pettus touched a lot of love and forgiveness. It is easy to hold grudges and put up walls but it is hard to take the bigger step and choose to love others and also offer forgiveness. I think the characters had a great start. I wish they were a little more fleshed out because I felt like for the most part they are very flat. Characters are my favorite part of the story and I just felt like I couldn't get attached to these ones. They felt very boring for the most part. I have to say that the plot and story line were very good. I think this was a very good first debut.

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