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Weddings on Main Street Promo Blitz

Weddings on Main Street by the

Authors of Main Street - Eleven New Novellas

You are Cordially


When: June

9th, 2014

Where: Main



Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and iTunes

Weddings on Main Street by the

Authors of Main Street - Eleven New Novellas

You are Cordially


When: June

9th, 2014

Where: Main



Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and iTunes


Authors of Main Street; cordially invite you to attend more than eleven weddings

this summer, in our anthology, Weddings on Main Street. When the Authors of

Main Street get together, boxed sets and romance magic, happens. On the wave of

our Amazon Best Seller, Christmas on Main Street - which was the #1 Best Seller

in Romance - Holiday, Romance - Inspirational, and spent weeks in the top 50, on

all of Amazon - we will release a collection of eleven new novellas, by eleven of our

authors, all about weddings. We are honoring what readers told us, they loved most

about our Christmas anthology, with a fresh mix of stories, characters, and mild to

warm levels of romance.

What a Cowgirl Wants by Tori Scott. Page-Turning

Stories from the Heart of Texas. It's wedding bells for Blake and Mandy, but the fairy

tale wedding Mandy wants is in jeopardy when Blake's father butts in. Can Mandy

pull off the wedding of her dreams on a limited budget? Only if Blake can keep his

father under control, which is not an easy thing to do when his father is Barrett

Kaufman, tough Houston attorney.



Fool Bride by Joan Reeves. It's never too late to live happily ever after. Is

it a marriage of convenience or something more? Something that sizzles like steam

heat between Maddie and Jake that neither can resist.


Wedding Surprise by Mona Risk. Around the world with

love, humor and passion. Finally, Claire's dream of a wonderful white wedding to

the man she’s loved for ten years is about to come true. Two weeks before the big

day, Claire and David receive an unexpected announcement that can destroy their

relationship. Is their love for each other strong enough to turn the worst wedding

surprise into the best?


Small Town Glamour Girl Wedding by Stephanie Queen.

USA TODAY Bestselling Author. Fun, Flirty & Forever. Julie and Jack

are over-the-moon in love, but with their soon-to-be mothers-in-law battling for

influence over wedding plans, they fight to keep the peace. Finally when their

mothers reveal a stunning secret from the past, Jack and Julie must re-think the

wedding. Will they or won’t they say I do?



Vow by Pepper Phillips. Southern Sass with a Touch of Heart. Coming

home after ten years, Ann Normand is discouraged to find nothing has changed.

She’s still not wanted. Except for Clay Couvillion. He’s a man now and he wants her

to stay. Can she forget the past and open her heart or will she run again?



Reluctant Bride by Jill James. A little Sweet. A little Sexy. A lot Happily-
Ever-After. Jimmy and Claire were high-school sweethearts. A decade later of living

together and there is still no wedding in sight. With the help of Claire’s family and

friends, Jimmy has a plan to surprise, ambush, and wed his reluctant bride.



the Bridesmaid by Susan R. Hughes. Sweet with a touch of heat. Serving

as a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding should be a piece of cake for Mari. The

icing on that cake turns out to be Jake, a gorgeous wedding photographer with an

adorable daughter. Life couldn’t be sweeter until a problem Mari had thought she’d

left in the past resurfaces to threaten her future. The wedding of Brooke and Ian

from Secret Vow provides the backdrop for this sweet love story.


Second Chance Wedding by Leigh Morgan. Strong women

and the men who love them;. After high school, loss strikes again and, Sunshine

MacAlister leaves Shute Pond and the man who holds her heart, Conall O’Malley.

Twelve years later, Sun, now Dr. “Mel” MacAlister, returns home for her best

friend's wedding, and comes face to face with the man she loved and left. Will seeing

Conall again re-kindle the passion she once felt, and fill her with love that can last a




Upon a Wedding by Kelly Rae. Love really is, all there is...Cassie Anderson,

bridesmaid extraordinaire, is tired of flying solo to all of her friend’s weddings.

Unfortunately, the one man for whom she feels any spark has a nasty habit of having

a date on his arm. Stealing another woman's date is against the rules, but if she can

just catch him alone - well that would be fair game!


Stuck with You by Kristy Tate. Romance, mystery and

magic.Whit offers to forgive Andie's debt if she’ll pose as his date to his brother’s

wedding. Andie needs the money, and Whit believes it's the perfect way to escape

his mother’s match-making schemes.Whit calls it a win-win situation, but Andie is

afraid she may lose her heart.



Thee Wed by E. Ayers. Where Life and Love Come Together. A product

of broken marriages, Julia never sees marriage for herself. She throws everything

she's got into her career with Main Street Bridal Salon, until a crazy redhead with

freckles named Aaron sweeps her off her feet. But a family secret is about to change




About The Authors




Tori Scott, a

Golden Heart finalist, is published independently as well as by Red Sage Publishing,

Woman's World, and selected news media. She lives near Dallas, Texas and writes

Western Romance, sexy romantic comedy, contemporary small-town romance, and

romantic suspense.









Joan makes

her home in the Lone Star State with her hero, her husband. They have four kids

who think they are adults and a ghost dog--all the ingredients for a life full of love

and warmed by laughter. She lives the philosophy that is the premise of all of her

romance novels: "It's never too late to live happily ever after."


Blog: http://





I LUV Books,

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from readers! Please write to me at: Please put "Real Live

Person" in the subject box to make it past the spam filters. Or, send snail mail to:

Joan Reeves, P.O. Box 1627, Normangee TX 77871-1627.


Mona Risk

publishing my novels were the best things I ever did for my publishing career. In

2012, my three medical romances, Babies in the Bargain, Right

Name, Wrong Man, and No More Lies landed on the Amazon

bestseller list for contemporary romance and medical romance. I was walking on

cloud nine when my name was posted on in the 100 most Popular

Authors in Romance list for several months.

Filled with

energy and enthusiasm, I hid in my writing cave and wrote for days and nights,

stopping only to walk on the beach or exercise at the gym.

My books

have garnered: Top Picks; Outstanding Read; Sweetheart of the Week; Best Book of

the Week at various reviewers, and received two mentions in Publisher’s Weekly,

and won several awards, from Best Contemporary Romance of the Year at READERS

FAVORITE with two Gold Medals, to EPPIE award finalist and Best Romance Novel

of the Year at Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.

I will

continue to write and read while traveling and discovering unchartered territories

and fresh inspiration for interesting stories and new settings.

Mona Risk

can be found at:

On Twitter:




Stephanie Queen lives in bucolic New Hampshire

where writing happy, snappy stories takes most of her time. Right now,

she’s busy working on a secret new exciting mystery-thriller series. To find

out about new releases CLICK HERE! to sign-up for the Stephanie Queen

Newsletter. You are invited to visit her website and the Quirky Quips blog at, or

connect with Stephanie Queen online at Twitter or Facebook. You can email her at< /a>. She loves hearing from readers!


Pepper Phillips

I had breast

cancer in 2009. From diagnosis to the end of chemo and radiation, took a year. I had

problems with the treatment phase, developing a stomach ulcer, and needing a new

treatment regimen. But I got through it. Like my heroine, I can do this,

became my mantra.

One out of

every eight women will get breast cancer. Alarming figures. One out of eight!

Get your

breast exam yearly. From one year to the next, I was diagnosed with a cancer that

was aggressive. If I’d waited another year, it might have been too late. During my

treatment, I learned about a writer friend of mine who died of breast cancer. Don’t

be the next victim. Get your exam!

Thank you for

taking time to read The Vow. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends

or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much


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would like to keep up with my newly released titles, consider joining my

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Jill James is

a published author with The Wild Rose Press and self-published since 2011. She

writes contemporary and paranormal romance. When she isn’t writing she spends

time with her husband, who is the inspiration for all her romance novel heroes.












Susan Hughes

Nothing gets

my heart pumping like a good love story with absorbing emotion, plenty of passion,

and an old-fashioned happy ending.

Set mainly

in Canada, my contemporary romance novels explore the extraordinary thrill of

finding that special someone and falling head over heels in love.

I live in

Ottawa, Ontario, with my husband and three daughters.







Leigh Morgan

A native mid-
westerner, Leigh lives in Southeastern Wisconsin and dreams of owning a cottage in


Leigh is

currently working on a series of stand-alone contemporary novels, The Warrior

Chronicles, with a tie to the martial arts. Adventure, romance, and themes such

as ‘what constitutes a family’, and ‘living by a personal code’ all wrapped up in a tail-
kicking package that will make you laugh, cry, and feel good about the world and

your place in it.

A graduate

of Marquette University Law School, Leigh studied Comparative Mythology, History

and Philosophy as an undergraduate. Who knew this would lead to a lifetime of love

with mystical romance, both contemporary and historical.

Leigh is a

fifth degree black belt in Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate, a fifth degree black belt in

Matayoshi Kobudo (weapons), and has taught self-defense for women and practical

defense sequences for writers. She is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast.


You may visit Leigh at:


Kelly Rae

Kelly Rae

lives in the Pacific Northwest with her son and a chocolate lab, who has delusions

that she is a lap dog. When Kelly is not writing or reading, she spends her time on

her favorite work, which is parenting. This often involves watching and cheering at

sporting events, and occasionally displaying her impressive jump shot during one on

one games of basketball.

www.kellyr (sign up for the blog)



ooks (tweet, tweet)


Kristy Tate

Kristy Tate

writes Women Fiction with a dash romance, mystery and humor. Her debut novel,

Stealing Mercy, was on Amazon's top 100 list of historical romance for more than

fifteen weeks and spent two weeks as number one. The Rhyme's Library, was a

2013 Kindle Review semi-finalist, and Hailey’s Comments was an Amazon Breakout

Novel quarter-finalist.

Kristy studied

English literature at Brigham Young University and at BYU's International Center in

London. Although a long time resident of Orange County California where she lives

with her family, Kristy's heart belongs in her hometown of Arlington, Washington,

AKA Rose Arbor--the fictional setting of her popular Rose Arbor series.

For updates

on Kristy's upcoming novels, please visit her blog at




II write

stories about people who live in today's world and find real love.

Each person

experiences love differently because we are all diverse. It's not a one-size fits all

world so my books don't have stereotypical characters.

Writing is

something I do. I write and always have. Read and enjoy!







(Blog) http:/


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