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Book Review: Accidentally Married on Purpose by Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris has definitely outdone herself with this one! This novel is Hot! Hot! Hot! I am so proud of Rachel Harris. This novel is her best yet. I absolutely love it. Now it is really hard to not get addicted to Harris' books. I started Sherry's story and I wasn't able to put it down. I was hooked from page one. I had to know what was going to happen next.

For readers that are fans of the "Love and Games" series, we know that Sherry is the youngest sister of Colby and Cane. We also know that Sherry loves a good fairy tale romance. I have been anxiously waiting for Sherry's book to come out because I had to know more about this feisty woman.

Sherry just wants to have that fairy tale ending. You know the one where the woman gets the guy and is able to live happily ever after without a care in a world. Unfortunately Sherry is ready to give up on love and try to locate Mr. Boring. After each failed relationship, Sherry is done. Little did Sherry expect to meet a hot man when she filled in on a catering gig for her sister.

Tyler Blue is a famous country singer. The last thing he wants is to get tied down in a relationship. Blue's reputation is starting to go down hill since he isn't hitched or officially dating anyone. Blue definitely didn't think that he would end up meeting his future wife in the green room of a Las Vegas hotel.

Sherry decides to give in and have a whirlwind of a weekend. She never would have imagined that she would wake up from that weekend married. Sherry's first thought was how to get the fastest divorce possible because this was seriously going to mess up her plans to find Mr. Boring.

I think "Accidentally Married on Purpose" was an amazing conclusion to this series. The characters are great. I love getting to be part of the Robicheaux family. This family is the absolute best. They are always sticking up for each and having a grand ole' time. I jumped at a chance to catch up with the Robicheaux family. I think Sherry is my favorite sibling out of them all. I just fell in love with her story. Reading about Sherry's story of falling in love and finding her perfect match...Sigh...I hope Harris continues to write fabulous romance novels. I think the best thing is that these are extremely clean books. 

"Accidentally Married on Purpose" would make a great summer read for anyone's bookshelf. Sherry is a delightfully wonderful character. I admire her belief in love. It isn't often anymore that we see someone that believes in love the way that Sherry does. Sherry was beginning to believe that love wasn't real for her but I am glad that she didn't give up because she truly found love and how it could really be.

The characters as I already mentioned were fantastic. The plot line was the absolute best. I was hooked from the beginning to the very end. Sherry's story is perfect and I love it to death. This novel is definitely hot! hot! hot! I believe that it truly is Rachel Harris' best work to date. Even if you haven't read Colby and Cane's stories, you can definitely start with Sherry's or if the readers out there are like me and they have read the other two stories, trust me the readers will not be disappointed with Sherry's book and the final installment in the "Love and Games" series.

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