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Book Review: Fever by Melissa Pearl

"Fever" by Melissa Pearl was very interesting to say the least. I thought that "Fever" started out really slow in the beginning. I got close to giving up on the book but then it started to get really good. I continued on with the story. I have to say that it did get better but it was so slow the begin with and there wasn't a whole lot to keep a reader attached to the story.

Ella is a young woman who would rather be on the side lines of someone else's story rather than be the star in her own story. Ella just goes along with her boyfriend David's plans instead of making her own. Now Ella is attending UChicago where her boyfriend David goes to school. Ella isn't very happy at her new school but since David is happy she is trying to be. Then one day Ella hears this guy singing in the shower and she falls in love with his voice. Thinking that she is a bad girlfriend since she finds another guys voice attractive over her boyfriends, Ella tries to ignore her feelings, but then she becomes attracted to Cole too. Cole is David's roommate and best friend. Cole finds himself attracted to Ella. Cole doesn't want to act on his feelings because Ella is dating David and David is his roommate and best friend. Cole just can't get Ella out of his head.

I think "Fever" is an interesting new adult story. I didn't feel like the characters were fleshed out enough. Ella was a little bit too annoying for me and David seemed like a control freak. I kind of liked Cole but again I didn't feel like I was able to get to know the characters very well. Someone is bound to get her because either Ella and Cole are going to be together or they aren't so no matter how you look at it someone will end up hurt.

I think the story line was pretty decent. I think the story line was the only thing that was keeping my interest in the first place. I wanted to see who was going to end up together and how the story was going to end. I was wanting to see if Ella was going to follow her dreams or not. Even though this is a contemporary novel, it was the mystery that was keeping my attention as the reader. I definitely think readers should give "Fever" a shot. It is one of the better novels that I have read in the new adult genre.

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