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Book Review: Georgetown Academy Season One by Alyssa Embree Schwartz & Jessica Koosed Etting

"Georgetown Academy" by Alyssa Embree Schwartz was a lot of fun to read. It reminded me a lot of gossip girl. "Georgetown Academy" revolves around the center of four different girls' lives. We have Ellie, Brinley, Evan, and Taryn and with the exception of Evan all the girls' parents are involved in politics. The girls attend Georgetown Academy which is an elite private school in Washington DC. The students are more scandalous than their parents. Everyone is waiting to see who will do what next.

Ellie is the daughter of a senator and she has been around the political crowd her entire life. Ellis is pretty much use to being in the public eye. When Ellie's parents got a divorce it ended up ruining the relationship she had with her very first boyfriend Gabe. Ellie goes through a lot in the first four books but she has some growing up to do as the story moves forward.

Brinley is definitely the mean girl. She is Ellie's best friend and her family is basically political royalty. Her family is the big wigs. Brinley has her own set of issues to deal with and because of that she can be pretty mean to others. She feels a lot of pressure to try to keep of a good family image without really feeling apart of her own family.

Taryn is new to the academy even though her father has been in politic her entire life. Taryn isn't intimidated at all by the clicks at school, instead she embraces it and fits right in with the popular girls. Taryn stayed pretty true to herself through out the first four books so I hope she continues to be just her.

Evan was more of the indifferent girl at school. She is on a scholarship and she used to be best friends with Ellie and Brinley until something came between them. Evan is the only girl who didn't come from a political family but Evan wants to be a reporter that uncovers the scandals of politics.

Overall I have to say that I wasn't too impressed. The books reminded me a lot of gossip girl so I think this would probably make a better tv show than a book but then again I could be wrong. I hope there are more books to come because I feel like there is definitely more to the story. I think the characters could use a little more work too. I didn't feel very attached to any of them. I think they need to open up out of their shells just a little bit more.

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