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Book Review: Her Secret, His Surprise by Paula Altenburg

"Her Secret, His Surprise" by Paula Altenburg is a really cute romance. Cass wants to have a one night stand to celebrate her success at an out of town work conference. Two months later Cass finds out that she is pregnant and now she can't track down the bartender she slept with because the hotel doesn't seem to know who he is. Cass didn't expect him to randomly show up in her life two years later.

When someone is selling military secrets, Logan is sent to investigate. Logan ends up at Cass' work to investigate her department to try to find the culprit. The one thing he didn't expect is to see the girl he had a one night stand with. He definitely didn't expect her to be the boss. Then when he finds out she has a toddler his head begins to spin connecting the dots. Logan wants to get to know his daughter but he also has a job to do, can he do both?

I love how Cass is an amazing mom. She looks out for Olivia and wants nothing but the best for her. She tries to protect her from the things that people say and she changed her living and car situation so that Olivia could grow up in a nice home. At the same time Cass tries to build up her work career to be able to pay for the things that she gives her daughter.

I have to admit Logan is pretty hot. He will definitely make all the girls swoon. Not to mention who doesn't like a military spy? I think the way that Logan cares for Olivia is so sweet. He goes right into father mode even though Cass hasn't confirmed anything with him yet but then again it would be hard to ignore the obvious.

I think Altenburg did a fantastic job with this novel. It is so cute. This is definitely a novel that is hard to put down. The storyline is very romantic. "Her Secret, His Surprise" is a must read. All the women out there, you will not regret it.

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