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Book Review: The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow

"The Secret Diamond Sisters" by Michelle Madow is such a great story about sisters that have to move and start a completely new life. Savannah, Courtney, and Peyton find out that their mother has gone to rehab and that they will be moving in with their father. Before any of this happened, the girls thought that their father was some drug dealer loser. The way that their mother talked about him, the girls thought he was dangerous to be around. When the girls find out this isn't the case, they don't know what to think. Is their father telling them the complete truth or is there more that they should know? What is the reason that kept their dad away from them this whole time?

Savannah is the youngest sister out of the Diamond girls. She is fifteen years old and her dream is to be a singer. Savannah has lived a very sheltered life until now. Her sisters kind of made sure that she wasn't exposed to their mom's drinking too much and that she got to keep as much of her childhood and she could. When Savannah moves to Las Vegas with her sisters, her head goes for a whirlwind. Not only does she have an unlimited money supply from her father but she doesn't have a whole lot of boundaries either. She is able to drink and party. Savannah gets to visit her first club. For the first time boys are showing an interest in Savannah that she is very excited about.

Courtney is the middle sister. She is also the more sensible one. Courtney wants to get into Stanford, so she  spends most of her time studying and working on her SATs. Courtney feels like she is the least favorite child out of her siblings. Her mom didn't spend a lot of time with her or on her. Courtney felt like her mother hated her. Now that she has moved to Las Vegas, Courtney wonders if she will also be her father's greatest disappointment too. Clubs and parties don't seem to be too much of Courtney's thing. Courtney would rather stay in her room and read. Courtney starts to learn that their may not be as much pressure as their was with her mom because now her father can pay for her to go to college instead of her having to work her butt off to get a scholarship. The one thing that is weird for Courtney is she is used to working for her money and now that her father is paying for everything he won't let her get a job either and so Courtney has no idea what to do with her time.

Peyton is the oldest and the rebel sister. Peyton has spent most of her life taking care of her alcoholic mother and sisters. When her biological father decides to jump in and come to the rescue, Peyton wants nothing to do with it. The fact that her father wanted nothing to do with her until now absolutely infuriates Peyton. In her own way Peyton rebels against her father and her new life. Dealing with the boys of Las Vegas and her boyfriend at home Peyton feels like she is screwing everything up. I feel like Petyon is the sister that the reader gets to know the least. Then on top of everything Peyton finds out that she has had bodyguards for years and never knew about it.  Peyton is really only interested in trying to get her currently hot gorgeous bodyguard to take an interest in her.

Madison is the teenage girl that lives in the Diamond Residence.  She is not too thrilled that the Diamond Sisters are arriving to Las Vegas. Her parents think it would be a great idea to befriend them but all Madison feels is them threatening her current reign of popularity. Madison feels like everyone is focusing on the Diamond Sisters instead of her and she is so sick of it. Madison finds every opportunity she can to get back at the girls. Madison's point of view was my least favorite because I felt like all she wanted to do was cause drama for everyone and it was getting really old.

I have to say that the boys of "The Secret Diamond Sisters" are pretty hot but most of them are jerks too. I feel really bad for the girls when they would get involved with the boys because I was pretty sure that at least one of them was going to get hurt. I have to say that I really don't like Daimen or Oliver. I am looking forward to getting to know Nick and Brett better.

The Characters were great. I felt like Madow did a good job in giving each character a back story and personality. I felt like I was dealing with some well rounded characters. I have to say that the only thing I have to say about the characters is that I wished they were a little more fleshed out. I think this novel is a great start to the series and I am looking forward to seeing the girls grow up and how they will live their new lives in fabulous Las Vegas.

I thought that the story for "The Secret Diamond Sisters" was great. I loved getting to know each of the girls and I am looking forward to getting to know more of their story. I love that the story take place in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a city that I would love to visit so getting to read about it is the next best thing. Vegas is somewhere that my parents have frequently visited, so I have seen lots of videos and pictures, so I think that Madow did a great job describing the hotels and scenery. I think "The Secret Diamond Sisters" is a fabulous story. Full of glamour and sparkle. I was disappointed in how it ended because I don't feel like their was much of a conclusion. I also feel like there should have been a "To Be Continued...." at the back because it just ended. There really wasn't a story wrap up. I know that it will be a trilogy, I am just used to a book having a beginning, middle, and end. "The Secret Diamond Sisters" didn't have much of an end. I will be anxiously waiting for the next installment since I feel like I am still in the very middle of the story. "The Secret Diamond Sisters" will make a great summer read.


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