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Book Review: Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini

I have to say that I was extremely disappointed in "Trial by Fire" by Josephine Angelini. I really think this novel could have been a whole lot better. I felt like all it did was drag on and on. I didn't feel connected to any of the characters and truthfully I felt very lost most of the time.

Lily is allergic to basically everything so everyone babies her. Her sister Juliet and her best friend Tristan try to look out for her and make sure that nothing happens since Lily is prone to having seizures. Lily has always had the biggest crush on her best friend Tristan and now Tristan is starting to notice her too. When Lily thinks that Tristan and her are going to finally make that big step he finds out that he is screwing around with his ex-girlfriend. With the shock of catching Tristan and Molly together and the large amount of alcohol that Lily consumed, she panic and was thrown into a seizure in front of all her classmates.

When Lily hears a voice in her dreams, she gives the voice permission to take her away into another world making Lily a worldwalker. Then Lily is faced to face with herself but it isn't a dream, there really is two Lily's. One Lily goes by "Lily" and the other one goes by Lillian. Lillian is a witch and she needs Lily's help to save her. Lily runs away being frightened about where she is and what is going to happen. Lily runs into Rowan and Rowan mistakes her for Lillian. Now there is a whole mess about what is going to happen now that there is two girls that look exactly alike. Lily isn't in her Salem anymore she is in an alternate universe Salem.

The synposis really drew me in. I wanted to know what "Trial by Fire" was really about. It sounded so interesting. The first two chapters were intriging. The farther I got into the novel the more board I became. I felt like the plot was moving so slow. Most of the book was Lily and Rowan arguing over and over agian. I feel like this novel really could have been better. The characters could have been more fleshed out so that way the reader could truly connect with the character. I really don't feel like I know much about any of the characters not to mention none of them seem real. I like my characters to feel like they are real.

Even though I was disappointed. I believe this triology has some real potentional. Just because I didn't like this one doesn't mean I won't continue the series. I want to see how it may improve or see if I can get a better understanding of the characters. The series may get better. If you like witches and want to see how an alternate universe may work, this would definitely be the story for you.

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