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Mini Review: The Possibility of Us by Lisa Burstein

"The Possibility of Us" by Lisa Burstein is freaking fantastic. I would a little surprised with how the story started out. "Dear Cassie" ended with Ben and Cassie being together. "The Possibility of Us," they were broken up and not even speaking. I think it was amazing getting to know the continuation of Cassie and Ben's story. When Rowe dies, Cassie and Ben both head to the funeral. Cassie was hoping that she wouldn't have to deal with Ben at all and Ben was hoping that he would have a chance to see Cassie so they could work life out.

I loved getting to know more about Cassie and Ben. Cassie doesn't open up to anyone and when she opened up to Ben in "Dear Cassie," I thought that Cassie was growing up and changing. When I opened up "The Possibility of Us," I was disappointed that to find out that Cassie was back to not opening up to anyone. I think Burstein does a great job with a crossover. This is Burstein's second successful crossover from a young adult story to a new adult story. Cassie and Ben have to deal with death, losing love ones, and fixing their relationship. Instead of giving up again, Ben and Cassie have to learn to work things out instead of running for the hills. Cassie and Ben have grown up a lot since their days at camp and I hope that they are able to continue their journey.

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