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Book Review: Feuds by Avery Hastings

I was really excited for "Feuds" by Avery Hastings to come out. The synopsis for the story sounded amazing. I was slowly disappointed. "Feuds" is pretty much a retelling of Romeo and Juliet but with a dystopian or Sci Fi element.

Society has been divided into two types of people. The Priors and the Imps. The Priors are the rich and powerful people, who have been genetically improved to be smarter, flawless, beautiful, and stronger. The Imps on the other hand are the imperfects. They are the more normal humans that have flaws and live on the outside of the town. Imps are considered to be the slum part of town.

Davis is the main characters and she is a professional ballet dancer. All she wants is to be the very best. Davis wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and compete in the Olympiads, especially since her mother is no longer part of her life. Davis loves to dance and she wants it to be her entire life. It is her entire life.

Cole is completely taken by Davis. He thinks that she is the most beautiful person on the planet and he instantly feels like he is connected to her. Cole is a fighter that fights in the FEUDS. It isn't his favorite thing to do but it is the only way he has learned to take care of his family and help make sure that they provide.

Then Davis and Cole learn who each other are. Both of their lives begin to fall a part really fast and they don't know what to do because they know that they shouldn't be together. To top everything off, Davis starts to feel sick with a virus that seems to only be effecting the Priors.

I honestly felt very bored through out the book. I just couldn't get interested at all. The characters seemed so flat to me. The virus part was starting to get interesting but the reader never gets to learn very much about the virus. It isn't explained how the virus is started or why it only attacks the Priors. When the Priors are supposed to get less sick how is their a virus that only attacks them? I felt like their was too much that just wants explained.

I really didn't like the FEUDS element of the story. I mean I understand that is shows how Cole grows up and how he is doing this to help his family but I don't understand why this needed to be the focus. I wish that fighting for sport wasn't featured in the story.

I was just really disappointed how this story ended up. I just really didn't care for it. I don't want that to discourage others from reading thought because maybe this would be a great book for others. I just felt like giving up on the story more than once. I really wanted to like this story, but I just couldn't. I was truly disappointed in this book. I was expecting a whole lot more.

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