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Book Review: Flawed by J.L. Spelbring

"Flawed" by J.L. Spelbring is the second book in the perfection series. This book did answer some questions that were left from the second book but I don't think it was done as well as the first. I still love the idea and the concept of these books but I am starting to feel like the author is completely lacking on getting the story out. I feel like this sequel is way more focused around boys than the original plot. Why take this awesome idea of an alternate history and turn it into a boy crazy novel?

I still think that the characters are lacking and I just don't know how to connect with them because I feel like there isn't a whole lot to connect with. These characters are very flat. I feel like for a novel that is partly centered around emotions that the characters would have more substance to them. I felt like the characters were just words in a story. They didn't feel alive at all.

I kind of skipped the part where I tell my reads what the book is about, so "Flawed" takes off where the last book ended. Ellyssa destroyed her father and siblings but when Ellyssa, Rein, and Woody make it back home, they find out that majority of their family is dead and the rest is scattered and missing. The story goes on with them looking for the rest of the family. What they don't know is that two of Ellyssa's siblings had survived and now want revenge on Ellyssa. These two siblings are now starting to feel emotions and they don't totally know what to do about it?

This is the continuation of the "Perfection" series and I honestly feel disappointed with this sequel. I was expecting a whole lot more. Part of me feels that maybe I had my expectations a little too high. I don't know, read "Flawed" and let me know what you thought.

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