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Book Review: Perfection by J.L. Spelbring

"Perfection" by J.L. Spelbring is a very different dystopian. In this book World War II ended very differently. This is a story where Hitler had succeeded and people are working on trying to create the perfect person and the perfect super soldier. The story is all about after the Nazi's won the war. This an alternative history of how the world could be today which makes a very interesting story.

Spelbring had a great idea with telling what would have happened if Hitler won World War II. I don't think this idea was executed to perfection. I feel like there are a lot of things that could have been done a lot better. I think the writing was very amateur. Spelbring has developed a big idea and I am looking forward to seeing how she continues the story. I don't think the world thinks about World War II very often and since it ended with Hitler losing, I think the world just wants to get passed the war. What if? What if Hitler did win? Spelbring brings this to the reader's attention into an alternate universe. The idea of experimenting on children that you grew in a lab is a little disgusting to me. How can someone experiment on a kid. They are just a kids.

Ellyssa runs away from the home. She was made to have known feelings and instead she is able to feel everything. She has been hiding this from her father/creator but she is tired of hiding who she is, so she runs away. As she runs she becomes friends with some very unlikely allies. Ellyssa learns of a whole new world outside of The Center. Ellyssa learns that there are other people out in the world that some still survived after the war and these are the rebels. These people are the ones that are still fighting a war that has only just begun. Hitler may have won the war but he hasn't gotten rid of all the people who went against what he believed to be perfection.

I really liked this story even though it was extremely slow at times. I felt that the beginning dragged on a lot but it was a great debut. I look forward to reading the next installment. Ellyssa was the main focus in this book so I felt that as a reader I got to know her really well but I don't feel like I got to know the other characters very well. The faded into the background most of the time. The floated in and out but they didn't seem to have a whole lot of importance. I hope that in the next installments that the surrounding characters would be more apart of the story. I want to get to know the other characters like I got to know Ellyssa. Great job on a debut Spelbring. I look forward to seeing more.


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