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Dazzled by Books 2 year Blogiversary Part 1


I still can't believe that I have been blogging for two years. I am still in love with it. I have had a chance to meet authors in person and of course get to meet new ones everyday. I enjoy what I do. I love it. If I could do this full-time non stop all day long I would. I am completely in love with blogging. My dream is to work for a publishing company some day and of course I want to see my blog grow. I have some high hopes and dreams for Dazzled by Books and I am working hard to see that they come through.

I couldn't have done all of this without the amazing support that I have had along the way and the various guest bloggers that I have had write for me on the blog. It has been a wonderful journey and I am glad that everyone has been a part of it. Knowing that my website has been around for two years and people are still paying attention to what I write is amazing to me. i think I have amazing readers and I look forward to celebrating this accomplishment with them because I would never be here without them. If I didn't have readers, I would have a fan base and I definitely wouldn't have a blog.

During the last year I have switched from to self hosted wordpress and I don't regret one bit of it. I think the blog looks more grown up and I think the upgrades work a whole lot better for me. I've learned a lot about people on this journey. Who to trust and who not too. I hate to see it but not everyone is nice in the blog world. I have made a wonderful friend. Iris from Irisijexx. Definitely check out her site because she is awesome and, if blogging ever fails me, it was all worth it just to meet Iris. She has been a great friend and lots of support the last few months.

Blogging takes time. Reviewing takes time. I feel like I have to be dedicated to this in order for the good work to be done. Honestly I want my blog to look the very best. I don't want it to be half as good or even partially as good. I want it to be completely fantastic. I want it to bring readers in and bring new authors in. I love working with authors. I love getting to know them. Some of the authors I will be hosting interviews for have been some of the very best to work for. Rachel Harris is amazing. I love her to death and through Rachel I have met some amazing authors and bloggers. I will also be hosting Cindi Madsen, Cindy Ray Hale, and Veronica Bartles. Hopefully you will enjoy their interviews as much as I enjoy talking with them.

Stay tuned for a very fun week, full of interviews, giveaways, posts by myself, some book features, and some reviews. Have lots of fun because I know I will be.

My first Giveaway will be an ARC of "The Never Never Sisters."
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