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Interview with Cindi Madsen



Ali: Which genre do you prefer writing, Young Adult or Adult Romance?

Cindi: I like mixing it up so I don't get bored, much like I do with my reading.


Ali:  You seem to excel in both genres, why do you think that is?

Cindi: Thanks! I try really hard to switch up the voices on my books, which again, keeps me from getting bored. I'm a character driven writer, so I just start seeing a character and feel the urge to tell their story, regardless of age. And of course age changed the set of problems characters are faced with. Above all, I really want them to have their happily ever after.


Ali: What are you working on at the moment?

Cindi: I'm wrapping up work on Second Chance Ranch, which is a cowboy romance & the first book in my new Bliss series.


Ali: What is your favorite part in the writing to publishing process?

Cindi: I love second draft. The story's mostly there & I just have to fill in a few things & amp it up & it feels the most like just reading a book. It's also before I've read it over & over. And over. Lol


Ali: If you could write a story with anyone (living or dead), who would it be?

Cindi: Mary Shelley. That'd be fun, but we'd probably have to have a serious discussion about my need for happy endings.


Thank you for taking the time Cindi to come hang out at Dazzled by Books. It was great having you for the 2 year blogiversary celebration.

I chose to feature Cindi Madsen's "Cipher." This is a young adult series that I think is fantastic. Madsen has several really good books that I think are all worth checking out. Young adult and adult novels, you can definitely find something worth while.



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