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I've never been much of a fan of books that support one night stands or no string attached relationships. Based on the title I had a preconceived notion that this is what this novel was going to be about but boy was I wrong. The story starts out with the girls thinking about having a fling relationship but it turned into so much more than that. Sophie is on a work trip but her boss also told her to have lots of fun on this trip and not work too hard since everything is pretty much in place. Zane needs to change his image and Sophie is the perfect girl to help him with that if she is willing to agree. What neither one of them counted on is if they could truly have feelings for each other.

I really liked Sophie. She is like every other woman out there. Bielman does a great job with introducing the reader to an everyday woman who has insecurities, works hard at her job, is looking for a promotion, and is also trying to find love. We don't have a perfect female character but we have one that the reader can relate too. I loved this aspect of the novel. Sophie has been disappointed by the few men that she has dated and honestly she just wants to find the right one. When Zane gives her an offer to help his image, she decides to play along. What could go wrong?

Zane really isn't a bad boy, he is just confused and thinks that women can solve his issues. Really it can't. Zane needs to deal with his issues on his own and then find the right women to be with. When Sophie enters his life, Zane slowly starts to clean up his act. Sophie makes him want to be a better person and to focus on only one woman...Her. Zane wants Sophie badly, so how can he show Sophie that he cares?

I thought this novel was really cute. I enjoyed every bit of it. The story line was great and it is able to hook the reader in right away. The characters make you want to stay until the very end. This was a pretty quick read for me and I think it was definitely worth it. I had a lot of fun reading Zane and Sophie's story. I am definitely looking forward to book two in the series. My guess it is going to target one of Zane's friends.

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