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Mini Review: Love Bites by Ophelia London

"Love Bites" by Ophelia London is a very short but very fun read. Sharona is only in Australia for a little less than 48 hours. She wants to try to make the most of her visit since she is all business the following day and then headed home. When she runs into the guy that she spilled her drink on the plane ride over, she wasn't expecting to be completely infatuated by him. When Sharona chickens out on having a one night stand with him. She figures it is for the best, plus she doesn't expect to see him the next day.

Jeff is extremely confused why this woman that picked him up at the bar decided to bail at the last minute. What happened? Jeff figued it was probably best to try to get her off his mind. Now Jeff has an auditor to worry about on his most important day of mairne biology research. The last thing Jeff was expecting was the auditor to be the woman that he was with last night that mysteriously disappeared on him.

I have to say that this story was so much fun to read. It was fun at the same time to get to learn a little bit about sharks. I would love to know how much research Ophelia London put into her book about the machines they used and the lifestyles of the sharks. "Love Bites" is a very quick read but I think it is so worth it. I am anxiously waiting the next installment in the "Sugar City" series.

I think London is a fantastic writer and enjoy all of stories. Definitely check out her novels and novellas, you won't be disappointed. London puts a lot of work into her characters becuase even the minor characters are memorable. I feel like I can connect to the characters and they aren't just words on a page. If you want some fun beach reads or maybe rainy day reads, London is definitely the way to go.

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