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Mini Review: Loving Mindy by Karen Erickson

Once again I am absoultely loving these Christmas in July Novellas. They are great! The newest one to my pile is "Loving Mindy" by Karen Erickson. This is the shortest one so far but it is one of the best none the less. Mindy is disappointed because she doesn't get to have her boys for Christmas and this year was her turn. Since Mindy's ex-husband is getting remarried in Hawaii, he wanted to have the boys for the wedding. Now Mindy is stuck at home alone for the holidays when she was looking foward to a great day with her boys. When her cat Spike takes off out of the house into the snow, he causes a little bit of a crash.

Josh didn't think he would actually be running in to Mindy, his old high school best friend and the girl he has crushed on since middle school. When a cat runs into the middle of the road and causes Josh to crash in front of Mindy's house into a snow bank, he soon finds out that he is stranded. What is he going to do now that he is stranded with a woman he still has feeling for that doesn't like him back? Or at least she didn't when they were in high school? What is a man to do?

"Loving Mindy" was so much fun to read. I had it done in less than an hour I think. I was smiling the entire time. I loved these characters. Mindy is defintely my favorite. She is a mom of two boys that is not going to let any man boss her around anymore even if they are trying to be nice and protective, she isn't going to have it and I really liked that about her. Josh seemed like a sweetheart. He loved his best friend in high school and he finds out that he still loves her several years later. I loved getting to read about these two interacting together.

This novella is just adorable. It is a really run read and pretty quick. I think it is perfect for the beach. The plot is fun and is able to keep the readers attention and it is fast paced so you don't feel like it is dragging on. If you are looking for something fun and short to read this is definitely a novella you should try.

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