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Mini Review: An Officer and a Rebel by Cindi Madsen

"An Officer and a Rebel" by Cindi Madsen is the perfect little Christmas in July present (or in August). I loved this little novella. I think Madsen did a fabulous job. Kelsey's story is so cute. I hope that Kelsey and Nate have another appearance because I loved these two characters. They are so sweet together. I would be satisfied even if it was just another novella.

Kelsey is definitely a rebel child. She dyes her hair and she really does what she wants not caring what other think about her because all that matters is what she thinks about herself. I wish this was an attitude that I could have more often because I think that as long as you are okay with yourself that everyone else should just deal with it. Kelsey gets stuck in the snow and she sees that the sheriff car is pulling up to help and she slightly dreads it because when she grew up in this town the sheriff did not like her at all. To Kelsey's surprise it wasn't the sheriff that stepped out of the vehicle but her ex-boyfriends older brother Nate.

The last person that Nate was expecting to see was Kelsey, his brother's ex-girlfriend and the girl he had crushed on when she was in high school. Nate doesn't know if he is lucky or doomed to be rescuing her in the snow. Nate could get the chance he never had with her but what about his brother? He doesn't want to portray him. This is definitely turning out to be an interesting Christmas.

I absolutely adored Kelsey and Nate. I think they aer great characters and I don't feel like I had enough of them. I am noticing that it may be harder to write characters now days because I have read a lot of books recently where there wasn't a whole lot of substance to the characters, so I am really glad that Madsen has given her characters substance. I was so excited to get attached to characters again. I think Madsen does a great job at making her characters seem more real to the reader. I think Madsen is a very talented writer. Especially when writing a love story. Madsen definitely knows how to pull a reader in and have them hooked from the very beginning. I look forward to more of her love stories.


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