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Mini Review: Racing the Hunter's Moon by Sally Clements

Clements does it again. I am in love with these "Under the Hood" novellas. I think "Racing the Hunter's Moon" is my new favorite by Sally Clements. I loved getting to know Betty and watch her on her unexpected journey of finding love. Betty is trying to track down a con artist that stole a lot of money from her mother; unfortunately her mother didn't want to go to the police with the information. Betty has spent a lot of money to try to track this guy down and now that she is so close, a stranger butts in to the situation. The last thing that Joe needs is an amateur sleuth butting into his investigation. Not only is he trying to catch this guy but he has to worry about this hot woman too. Joe is falling bad for her. Who knew that Betty could be such a fire cracker.

I loved getting to know Betty and Joe's story. I think they make an amazing team and even a better couple. I think Clements has done an amazing job at putting the girls with their perfect match. I loved Betty and Joe together the best. I think they balance each other out quite a bit. Betty's story is so much fun. Being a mechanic from a rich family wasn't always the looked upon profession for her but that is what her dad did and she really enjoys it. Even though she may have money, Betty still wants to work hard for hers and not necessarily flaunt her wealth.

This is the perfect fun romantic read that you have been looking for. It is fun flirty and has some action in it. A romance story with some action makes this story amazingly great. I adore these characters and I really hope that Clements isn't done writing about them because I would love to see more. I think the plot for this small novella was great. It really keeps the reader hooked and the story has a nice pace to it, so I wasn't bored at all during any part of the story. This is a fabulous short read so definitely check it out and I do recommend reading the entire Novella series.

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