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Mini Review: White-Hot Holiday By Coleen Kwan

"White-Hot Holiday" by Coleen Kwan was a fun but very quick read. I am really enjoying these Christmas in July books that Entangled has released. Aaron has come to Australia to visit his friend Luke. The one thing he didn't expect was to make a beautiful woman mad at him his first 2 minutes of being there. Little did Aaron know that he would fall for this woman. Naomi, freshly out of a relationship was not expecting to fall in love with an American that keeps getting on her nerves. How can she like an American that hates Christmas?

I really enjoyed the characters in "White-Hot Holiday." Naomi was definitely my kind of girl, feisty and knows how to hold her own. She definitely wasn't going to let Aaron push her around. I just wish she wasn't so cautious with her life. I think Naomi was hurt so bad with her previous relationship that she was too afraid to try to take a chance. I am glad that she was able to get over her fear.  Aaron was definitively a hot gentleman; makes for some steamy romantic thoughts. The characters were very enjoyable and I hope to read about them again. I would love to know what happens next in Naomi and Aaron's life.

The plot in "White-Hot Holiday" was very cute. I liked how Aaron changed a little bit by the end of the story. He showed that he grew up. Kwan is a great writer so I will definitely be looking up the rest of the series. If you definitely want to have some Christmas in the summer this would be a great novella for you!

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