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Book Review: Again by Lisa Burstein

"Again" by Lisa Burstein was actually highly disappointing. I was really looking forward to another novel to enjoy by Burstein but this one just didn't come any where close to my expectations. I think Burstein is a wonderful author and I really enjoy the other novels that she has written but I was sad with this story. I think "Again" has a very fun concept and I think that the plot could have been really good but I feel as if the story focused more on the screws up that the main character made more than anything else. I thought this story was going to be about a woman that lies ad goes back to college to start over but honestly if feels like she repeats her mistakes over and over again. When she finally starts to become serious the book ends.

Kate tells everyone that she doesn't party and doesn't drink but then she turns aroudn and does that very thing. She misses out on her classes and gets away with it because Carter covers for her. I think this book could have been a whole lot better because the idea is really good I just don't like how it was executated. I don't think "Again" was very enjoyable at all. I hope Burstein's next book is really good because I do like her as an author so I will be waiting to see what comes out next.

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