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Book Review: Brushing off the Boss by Annie Seaton

"Brushing off the Boss" by Annie Seaton was a great read. It was slow at first but it got better the farther I got into the story. The story starts off with Sierra being excited to finally open her own gallery. Then everything is destroyed in a single night. Jack Montgomery is the owner of the gallery that Sierra was trying to buy but now he has decided that he is no longer going to sell the gallery. Jack is keeping the gallery to help him focus on his own art so he didn't realize that the woman he crushed on last time he came to visit town was interested in buying the place or the fact that she was going to be her new employee. Jack and Sierra have to figure out how to work together with trying to figure out where their personal relationship stands also. When Sierra's personal life seems to fall apart she decides to give everything up and run. Will Sierra decide what she wants in life?

I really liked the characters in the story. I think Sierra and Georgie make the best sister pair. I absolutely loved their banter together. Ana seems to be the perfect best friend. She is caring but at the same time she is going to tell you how it is. Sierra is a stubborn female that doesn't want to get too close to anyone except her sister Georgie and their best friend Ana. Everyone else can stay at arms length for Sierra. When she starts to let jack in she brings to think it is a mistake and blocks him out again. I think readers can relate to Sierra because she has been hurt before and all females have been hurt in some point in their lives. Jack seems to know what he wants until he has it. Jack wants to own the gallery without having to run it. He just wanted to come to town and work on his art. Little did he know that he was going to fall in love with one of the most difficult women in the world.

For the most part I really liked this story. I think the story and plot is pretty good. I still think that the story started off a little slow. In the end I was glad that I stuck with it because the story ended up being worthwhile but the beginning was really hard to get through. The story definitely tests the characters love, trust, friendship, and character. Sierra had to learn to grow up and trust others and Jack had to learn that others matter too. I think "Brushing off the Boss" is definitely worth reading.

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