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Book Review: Camp Boyfriend by J. K. Rock

"Camp Boyfriend" by J.K. Rock is all about growing up and trying to figure out what is best for you. Lauren is a cheerleader and part of the popular crowd at home. Camp is completely different. When Lauren goes to camp she is a completely different person. Nerdy Lauren is back. This year may be different. Lauren wants to be able to show everyone that she can be both the cheerleader and the science nerd. Lauren is also looking forward to seeing Seth again and hopefully starting their relationship back up where it left off from last summer. Seth is pretty persistent of the two of them breaking up every summer and not continuing their relationship over the school year. First thing first, Lauren needs to break up with Matt, her school year boyfriend. When Matt surprises her and tells her that he is going to join her at camp this year how is Lauren suppose to break up with him, especially when he also just told her that his parents are getting a divorce.

When Lauren and Matt get to camp everything feels different right away. Lauren goes to meet up with her friends at the cabin but they aren't there and then Seth approaches her about bringing Matt with her to camp. Then it feels like all hell breaks loose. Lauren tries to figure it all out and then Matt finds out about Seth. Lauren wanted to have fun this summer but instead it has turned into a big drama fest that she isn't sure how to handle. What happened with her friends. Why are they treating her so differently?

When Lauren decides she is giving up boys all together that is when she really has to decide what she wants. Is Seth the one for her or Matt? Is there a way she can get everyone to get along? Can the Munchies and Divas work together?

These characters are very much teenagers. I felt like I was back in high school all over again but I have to admit I was pretty entertained. I enjoyed getting to know Lauren and learn how she processes things including her own life. Lauren has to grow up and learn who she really is and only she can make that choice. No one can make it for her. I really enjoyed getting to watch Lauren grow up and I think she made the best choice for her in the end. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the characters are up to in the next few books. The plot was fun. I think it played a lot in teaching people that they need to grow up and figure out who they are not. Don't let others tell you who to be. Boys are definitely not everything. I think this series is definitely worth a read if you want to have something fun and relaxing.


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