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Book Review: Diamonds in the Rough by Michelle Madow

"Diamonds in the Rough" by Michelle Madow was fantastic. I think it was a whole lot better than the debut novel of the series "The Secret Diamond Sisters." The story takes off on the first day of school, so it is about a month and a half from where the first novel ended.

Savannah is ready for her first big glamorous day at her new school. Thinking that everyone dresses up like they are going to go to a club. When Savannah gets to school she regrets the fact that she dressed up so much for school because she definitely stood out in the crowd for more than just being one of the Diamond girls. Savannah soon finds out that no one is interested in being friends with her until the girls find out that she is friends with both Damien and Nick. Struggling to fit in, Savannah tries to find her way.

Courtney can't figure out what she wants. She is completely attracted to Brett but she wants to follow her father's rules and not date her future step-brother. What does she do with all of these feelings that she has towards him? Can her and Brett be friends even though they have this attraction? Courtney decides to consume her time with school and tutoring to try to spruce up her academic resume for college.

Peyton can't seem to win at anything. School is better than it was in her old town but she still has a hard time trying to focus on everything. How can she get Jackson to pay attention to her? She knows that he is interested but he is sticking to his no contact rule. Peyton sees her teacher waiting at the bar in the Diamond Hotel and decided to strike up a conversation. Will this cause trouble for her if it gets out?

Madison finds out some secrets about her life hat she was not ready for. When she has to keep secrets and can't talk to anyone then what will she do? Her friends wouldn't understand anyway and the last thing she wants too do is hang out with them. Now Madison wants to fix her relationship with the Diamond sisters, so can she do it after she treated them so badly? Will the girls forgive her?

"Diamonds in the Rough" reveals many secrets that each of the girls have to deal with. What will happen to the Diamond family? Will the survive the rough times or will everything fall apart? I really liked "Diamonds in the Rough," I thought the plot in this novel was really good. The sisters definitely stuck together in the end to be there for each other in the rough times. After a visit with their mom for Thanksgiving the girls weren't sure if anything would get better.

I thought the characters grew up some in this sequel. They learned from their mistakes from when they first moved to Las Vegas and as the keep living their lives, they keep learning more on how to live the lives of heiresses. Rebecca and Adrian decide to throw Savannah a sweet sixteen party and feature it on a famous television show. Not only is Savannah excited about her party but she is extremely nervous because she is terrible at acting.

I thought this sequel was one of the better sequels I have ever read. I am looking forward to book number three. I hope my readers enjoy this novel as much as I do. Madow brings her reads a great plot and lots of fun characters. There is plenty of high school drama for those that like Gossip Girl.

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