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Book Review: Getting Even by Sarah Rayner

"Getting Even" by Sarah Rayner is a very fun and fantastic read. Orianna and Ivy have been long time coworkers. Orianna is dating her superior and Ivy is having an affair with the financial director. Ivy is very jealous of Orianna, especially since Orianna got a promotion. Ivy decides to get revenge on Oriana. Ivy then recruits other people to help with her plans to get revenge. Ivy has her own skeletons that may come out so she has to be careful because she never knows who may try to get revenge on her. Orianna and Ivy are definitely fun characters to read about. I don't think I have so much fun reading a novel.

Rayner is a great writer. I thought "Getting Even" was a lot of fun to read. She does an amazing job with developing her characters. Rayner makes everything about this book so fun and entertaining. I loved the story that she has brought to us. Many characters are fun even the minor ones. The reader never knows who is going to have the next trick up their sleeve I look forward to seeing more from Rayner because I really enjoyed "Getting Even." It is definitely a fun stay at home read.

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