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Book Review: Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand

"Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me."

"Imitation" by Heather Hildenbrand was a very interesting read. Ven is our main character. She was created to be an imitation of her authentic. The authentic is the original human being or non-clone. Ven recieves a letter one day that changes her life. Ven has to switch places with her authentic to try to figure out who is trying to hurt her. Ven now has a pretend father that will do anything to find out who is trying to kill his daughter but he doesn't care about Ven at all because she is just the imitation.

I have to say that I liked Ven. Ven is put into this different world and she is able to find a way to survive in it. She is thrown into danger from the start but she still survives. Raven's (Ven's authentic) father threatens Ven that he will have her terminated if she doesn't do as he says.

"Imitation" is definitely a page turning story. I didn't want to put it down once I started it. There is definitely a rebellion element to the story. A revolution begins to start. People begin to start picking sides and coming together because the imitations want their freedom too.

The world building was actually pretty decent. I think Hildenbrand did a decent job at making this specific world for the reader. There were a few things that seemed weird like some people had a different gender for their clone where others were the same gender. How do you have a close that is a different gender?

I do have to say that I was disappointed that the book ended so abruptly. It didn't seem like a cliffhanger but maybe it could have been. It seems like it just ended in the middle of a chapter. It just didn't see like a true ending.

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