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Book Review: Priya in Heels by Ayesha Patel

"Priya in Heels" by Ayesha Patel was an amazing book. It started out a little slow but once I got in to it, I absolutely loved it. "Priya in Heels" actually surprised me with how much I could relate to Priya's story. Priya is in her early 20s and all she wants is to make her parents happy but at the same time not live a miserable life. Priya's Indian background plays a lot into her life because her family still believes in arranged marriages. Priya's rule is though that if she can find a fault in the guy than she has the right to turn him down. Well when Priya's mom finds the perfect traditional Indian gentleman for Priya, she finds it hard to completely commit to him because she discovers she is in love with someone else.

Tyler lives right down the hall from Priya and he has always wanted to get her attention so once he finally does, it is his job to keep it and try to convince her why she should be with him. When Tyler finally makes Priya choose between him or being traditional, Priya chooses him even when it breaks her parents hearts. Priya ends up being shunned from her family and she has to learn how to deal with life. When Priya gets a call that her mother is in the hospital, everything changes.

I really likes Priya and Tyler's story. I think they are perfect for each other and I love how the work to make the other one better and how much Tyler tries to learn traditions and languages that is part of Priya's life. Tyler really shows how much he loves Priya from all the work that he does to try to win her over. When Priya makes the choices that she does, he lashes out a bit. I don't completely blame Tyler for lashing out but I think he could handle situations a little better. I think these characters are great. I really got attached to them and I was a little disappointed to see the story come to an end.

I couldn't believe how much I could relate to the story line. I think that this may be part of the reason why I was so intrigued with this story. I could completely understand what the character was going through. I think Patel did a great job with this story. I really enjoyed it and I think others will  enjoy this story too. I enjoyed getting to learn a little about the Indian culture and the differences between the Indian Culture and our American culture. Dating and relationships are dealt with completely different between the two cultures. Definitely check out "Priya in Heels." It has some sweet parts, funny parts, and some really sad parts which make a fantastic book.

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